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    Getting to her feet was enough to get the rest of her clothing off, the jumpsuit slipping down to her ankles Nikki had never come from anal sex before and it blew her mind.

  • Mia Khalifa First Anal and BBC

    The best of Mia Khalifa with First Anal, sex with admirer and BBC.

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    According to the US National Survey of Family Growth, 44 percent of couples are doing Anal, so it makes “Besides, anal sex is primal it’s raw and purely for sexual satisfaction, which is a big turn-on for Part of the anal appeal comes down to one thing: power. Having the upper hand can be hot. On an emotional level, a guy might be into anal sex because of how intimate it is.

  • Taxi Driver Analized Me Good

    A bit of shuffling, checking the table for coats, keys, and the likes, and we're out the door to a Lyft "black car." I'm not ready for the evening to end, so I've requested a more scenic route, mapping points around the park, following the curve of the lake. It's a cool night, so I roll my window down a few inches before climbing across your lap to lower yours as well. You seize the opportunity to kiss me once more, deeply, your hands wrapped firmly around my waist. You can feel my body's ease, melting against your tongue. I slip my hands around you, pulling at your shirt until my nails find skin, tracing small circles across your chest mirroring the circles of my hips beginning to grind against you. My fingers slowly circle closer to your nipples, grazing, barely making contact before a sudden pinch, as startling as it is satisfying. You bite my shoulder to stifle your gasp but a moan escapes my lips. I'm not sure if the driver heard us or if he's decided to stop running every yellow light, but either way, the jolt of his foot on the brakes pulls my hand from your shirt and gives me a reason to shift my body weight to one side. At first, you're accommodating, believe I'm genuinely trying to get more comfortable, but my free hand slips beneath me, unzipping your pants and revealing my favorite surprise: that you, too, decided to forego undergarments this evening. Freed from cloth imprisonment, you can feel the full rewards of all your work. I spread my legs just slightly, letting your throbbing length slip between thighs slick with sex. Green light, sudden acceleration and I squeeze my thighs close to trap you. I resume circling my hips, allowing just the smallest movements. My hands grasp your thighs for balance, fingers digging in as I strike up a conversation with the driver, asking mundane questions you can't even comprehend when suddenly you realize he's asking you something. His eyes are on you from the rearview mirror waiting for an answer. But what was the question? Something about where you went to high school? My thighs release their grip as I offer up an answer. He turns his attention back to the road. For the moment, you're relieved. But the cool evening air against your cock is a jarring and disappointing change from the heat between my thighs. Your hands fall from my hips and slide down my legs. You catch my eye and I smile, encouraging your hands to continue exploring while I keep up the conversation. Your hands pull my thighs wider, my knees falling to either side of your waist with a whimper of need and obedience, losing this round of the conversational game. I gasp as your fingers trace my lips, clearing my throat and excusing myself from stumbling through the conversation, but determined to stay in control of the moment. Emboldened, you reach around my waist, slowly stroking your length while rubbing against my clit. You feel my body tense before melting into your attention, hips moving without conscious control. You have me teetering on the edge of desperation and you know it. I let the conversation fall to a close, incapable of keeping my breath under control. One hand braces my body with a firm grip at the base of your throat, the other pinching, pulling at your nipples, urging you on. I love feeling you beneath me, massaging my clit with the head of your cock, each stroke pushing us both closer to orgasm. The mere thought of you filling me, of feeling you throb inside while my cunt spasms are maddening. Your lips find my neck, your teeth making me shudder and push me over the edge into orgasm. You try thrusting into my dripping cunt, but I snap my thighs shut. It appears we're home. View more hot and steamy stories here.

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    “Then, with a little push and twist, he introduced his finger into Cynthia’s anal canal, pushing it second I am a fifty-four-year-old anal virgin and that is how I want someone someday to introduce me to anal in her window ‘anal help wanted’. That of knowing where to find a suitable anal partner. The whole subject of anal sex was now taking on a life of its own.

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    referring to a conversation we'd had about three days back when she'd flatly refused my request to try anal Her embarrassment could abide my wanting to have anal sex, but it could not abide the ministrations of My wife had just discovered that she was multi-orgasmic, but only during anal sex.


    experimental sex positions, and just about everything else but the one thing that I had never done is anal MY FIRST TIME HAVING ANAL SEX 💗 One night whilst drinking a glass of wine, we had his log fire burning He had told me before in conversation that his ‘ex-wife’ had never wanted to have anal sex so it was He kept on gently pushing himself inside of me and with the anal lube working its magic and the weeks It was an amazing feeling and fueled a passion in us both, anal sex was our new favorite thing to do.

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    reached up under Linda's dress with both hands and pulled her panties down and let them fall at her ankles She could easily trip over them, so he slipped them off her ankles and tossed them to one side. Gary wanted to know if this young woman was an anal virgin. 'Not really,' she replied shyly. Gary stood up in front of Linda and holding her ankles, steered his swollen cock in between her pussy

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    Teen Story - First Time Anal - Videos 18-year-olds, Phillip mused, was much easier to talk into sexual For without that open mind, he’d have no opening into her anal cavity. She might beg and plead, but her anal cherry was his, his dick was already half-buried in her tight ass “That’s it, baby girl,” he kissed her ankle, enjoying the feel of his cock being completely sheathed finally brought her body back up to the sexual anticipation she’d been experiencing before Eric took her anal

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    Teen First Time - Anal - Videos Alice knew deep down that the past didn’t matter, and that the pressure She’d never really considered anal sex until it came up in conversation that day, and it sparked some He knelt behind her, getting really excited about taking her anal virginity, his cock standing to full

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    Alexis Tae new and hot pornstar from the USA. Alexis Tae was born in 1996. As far as we know she began her nude modeling career in 2019. She’s known as Alexis Tae and has modeled for these premium nude girl sites: ATK EXOTICS, TEAM SKEET. Alexis Tae is a rapidly rising starlet who has been performing in porn since early 2019. In this short space of time, Alexis Tae has attracted a keen fan following due to her sizzling sex scenes for Evil Angel, Mofos, and Diabolic Video. Definitely, one to watch in the near future! “I love to have sex and can have sex and if I can have sex make money at the same time why not. My friends know and expect something like this from me. Pretty natural transition for me”. After graduating from high school, Alexis Tae worked in several restaurants (roughly 10!) prior to making her porn debut. However, Alexis Tae disliked working the long 12-hour workdays at restaurants so in December 2018 she started looking for agents online which led her to John O’Byrne of East Coast Talents. Within a matter of weeks, Alexis Tae was booked to shoot her first-ever sex scenes in January 2019. And the rest is history! You may be interested to learn that Alexis Tae researched the adult industry extensively before she made her official porn debut. In fact, Alexis Tae even attended the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas, Nevada. “It was a lot at first because I didn’t have a video out at the time, so I was just networking with people and all of that. So I have some things I’ll change next year but it was a good experience. I researched the whole industry in general before I got into it, just like the shitty things that are going to come up and the good things about it—all sides of it. I don’t really do anything unless I pretty much know what to do…I remember going on the AVN site and seeing all the talent. I was going through the guys like OK, who’s hot? Who do I have to look forward to? View more Porn Star Babes Exposed here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos.

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    Teen Losing Anal Vaginity - First Time - Anal Videos Losing your virginity is a unique experience. For them and for others, virginity loss may refer to their first time with oral sex, anal sex, or sex Adding lube is a must during anal sex, as the rectum does not produce its own lubrication.

  • Naomi Russell Vampire Porstar Anal Sex

    And despite her countless and majestic anal scenes, it was something she had never experimented with Her performances include vaginal sex, anal, double penetrations, interracial, double anal, swallowing You can delight yourself with some of her scenes on a wide range of adult websites such as Anal Lick Foot Maniacs, Big Tits Round Asses, Big Wet Butts, Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Jules Jordan, Lust For Anal

  • Pornstar Gianna Dior First Anal Scene

    Gianna Dior is a popular porn star and glamour model who first started working in the adult film industry in May 2018. Within this short space of time, Gianna has already been signed as a Spiegler Girl, she was named as Penthouse magazine’s “Pet of the Month” for September 2018 and she has since won “Best New Starlet” at the 2020 AVN Awards as well as “Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene” due to her sizzling Unlocked scene with Mick Blue in the Deeper release Relentless (2019). Hailing from Andalusia, a small town south of Auburn, Alabama, Gianna has mixed Italian and Native American heritage. You may be interested to learn that Gianna worked at a sushi restaurant and as a receptionist at an optician’s before she discovered her porn star potential. Gianna also attended Auburn University where she majored in Psychology. Gianna first started working in the adult film industry in May 2018 after she was contacted by an adult film talent scout via Tinder. Before you know it, Gianna was traveling to Miami, Florida, in order to shoot her porn debut for Bang Bros! “I was on Tinder one day looking around for hookups and this dude from Florida messaged me and said, ‘Have you ever thought about doing porn?’” Dior explains. “Honestly, it had never even crossed my mind. I don’t know why because it seems like something I would do…He was like, ‘Why don’t you come to Miami and try it for a week or so.’ Honestly, at that point, I had nothing to lose. I was bored with my life and I was like, ‘This is a good adventure.’ I’m very free-spirited. I was like, ‘Whatever, I’m just gonna go. I took off work and didn’t go to class for a week just to go. And I ended up just not coming back… View more Porn Star Babes Exposed here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos.

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    Adria Rae is a fresh-faced brunette beauty who has been taking the adult film industry by storm since 2014 with her teen porn productions and thrilling taboo relations titles. Since making her adult film industry debut, Adria has already won “Best New Starlet” at the 2016 Nightmoves Awards and she has received multiple “Best New Starlet” and “Hottest Newcomer (Fan Award)” nominations at the 2017 AVN Awards. “I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I lived in a small little suburban town, everybody drove a white Yukon, every house looked the same type shit. (laughs) I lived on the outskirts on quite a bit of land. Growing up, my parents grew a lot of fruits and vegetables and stuff. My parents are vegan for the majority of my life so it was a very health-conscious environment. My parents were stoners, really laid-back liberal hippies. They were always very cool, very supportive, and accepting of whatever I decided to do. When I got into the adult industry, they were initially kind of scared but now they’re more accepting of it. They’re not ok with it but they’re more tolerant. ‘We wish you would do something else but whatever makes you happy!’”. “I lost my virginity in the back of my boyfriend’s care at the Homecoming football game at halftime. He was 16 at the time and I was 13. (laughs)…Oh yeah. I was always promiscuous even before I lost my virginity, I was messing around and kissing boys and just being a shithead. (laughs)…I didn’t fool around with girls until I was 17. It was me and my other girlfriend. She was a little bit older and it was when I was a senior about to leave high school… I was a porn fan but I didn’t really go full bore. I would watch it and watch certain companies but I didn’t know any of the girls. I would watch porn for 10 minutes so I never paid too much attention to it. Also, sometimes I would watch really fucked up, sadistic porn. It wasn’t usually mainstream shit that everybody has seen. (laughs) It would be random girls from Europe or something. (laughs)”. When Adria was 18 years old she began performing as a webcam model via the adult cam site MyFreeCams. Before long, Adria was contacted by talent scouts who were captivated by her fresh-faced beauty and they offered her the chance to shoot her adult film debut. In this manner, Adria flew out to Los Angeles, California, when she was 19 years old and filmed her first ever sex scenes for Porn Pros. Adria made her official adult film industry debut in October 2015 when she filmed a hot hardcore shoot with Johnny Castle, titled Teen Upskirt, that was distributed via the PornPros network View more Porn Star Babes Exposed here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos.

  • Brooklyn Gray Brunette Pornstar Anal Sex

    Brooklyn Gray is a rapidly rising starlet who has been thrilling fans since early 2019. Within this short space of time, petite brunette pornstar Brooklyn Gray has attracted a devoted fan following due to her raunchy sex scenes in many Nympho, Naughty America, Team Skeet, and Girlfriends Films porn productions. Originally from Arizona and currently based in Los Angeles, California, brunette all-natural pornstar Brooklyn Gray attended a performing arts high school and was a straight-A who took part in many of her school’s productions. In fact, Brooklyn Gray is a multi-talented actress, dancer, model, and live audio engineer! Brooklyn Gray first decided to pursue a career in porn in early 2019 and she contacted various agencies before ultimately signing with Hussie Models. Hot petite pornstar Brooklyn Gray made her official porn debut in early 2019 when she shot a saucy sex scene for Exploited College Girls. Brooklyn Gray is credited in this sizzling sex scene as ‘Veronica’ and it was released via in February 2019. We also recommend viewing Brooklyn Gray’s steamy Straight Until Wet sex scene with Mia Lelani that was promoted via in April 2019, her raunchy Squirting Slut Brooklyn Gray scene with Ramon Nomar which was filmed for Perv City’s Banging Beauties web series in April 2019, and her steamy Curvy Cum Quest sex scene with Quinton James that was uploaded via Team Skeet’s Teen Curves web channel in April 2019. In fact, Brooklyn Gray has shot several sensational sex scenes for many of Team Skeet’s most popular web channels. You’ll love watching Brooklyn Gray’s raunchy Domino Daughter Dick Downgroup porn shoot with Ryan Driller, Cleo Clementine and Filthy Rich for Daughter Swap in April 2019, her titillating Electra Complex Cutie sex scene with Tony Profane for Teens Do Porn in May 2019 and her kinky Gag Her Again! sex scene with Filthy Rich that was uploaded via Team Skeet’s This Girl Sucks web series in June 2019. Not to be missed! View more Porn Star Babes Exposed here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos.

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    Nicolette Shea; a stunning rising starlet, former professional poker player, and Playboy magazine’s “CyberGirl of the Month” for October 2011. Since making her official adult film industry debut in April 2017 Nicolette Shea has already won “Social Media Star of the Year (Fan’s Choice)” at the 2018 Nightmoves Awards and she continues to thrill millions of fans across the globe with her raunchy Brazzers Network sex scenes and saucy social media updates. One look at Nicolette Shea’s captivating curves and it’s no surprise that she has 2.1 million Instagram followers! A fan-favorite Playboy Plus model, although Nicolette Shea began posing for Playboy in 2011 she did not film her first ever sex scenes until April 2017. During this time Nicolette Shea posed as a gorgeous glamour model and established an ardent fan following via Instagram. “I’ve always been super sexual but I wanted to be more of an exhibitionist sexually. I really like the cameras and so that was what pushed me forward. It was a natural progression because I’ve always been super into photography and I love doing videos. So I hit a million followers on Instagram and I always do viral videos. I record those with a lot of photographers and travel around doing a lot of different shoots. So it was actually easy for me. I don’t really have to get used to the camera because I love the camera. I’ve worked with the camera for a long time”. View more Porn Star Babes Exposed here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos.

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    "My first experience was accidental anal." I discovered I was able to orgasm via anal penetration, and anal play is something I enjoy to this day "I used to be obsessed with anal. After that, anal can be amazing! "I have stronger orgasms during anal."

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    She started her career about two, and the great success she has is mostly due to her anal performances She is a fearless actress, who despite a small stature, isn’t scared of hardcore anal. In fact, she declared that after her first professional anal encounter, she likes it in the back door Her dearest nomination and her best work so far is the anal scene in Meet Dakota, which was shot together Dakota Skye loves anal and many of her scenes feature her tight and curvy ass getting fucked.

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    Fans of Natalia Starr will also love viewing her epic anal three-way with Harley Jade and Manuel Ferrara in Greg Lansky’s Tushy DVD compilation title Anal Threesomes 2 (2017) which was nominated for “Best Anal Movie” at the 2018 AVN Awards, her raunchy three-way with Nadia North and Peter North in the North

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    “Fan favorite, Sizi Sev, is ready for her first anal experience and it’s with a huge BBC! This is Bootylicious all anal, including multiple anal positions, and ATM’s, it’s time for hardcore gonzo

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    Remember the name Abella Danger; this brunette beauty is taking the adult film industry by storm! Winner of the coveted “Best New Starlet” accolade at the 2016 AVN, XBIZ, and XRCO Awards, Abella Danger continues to amass an impressive collection of industry accolades due to her fan-favorite big butt themed DVDs, sizzling all-girl productions, and raunchy web clips. View more Latina Bombshell Abella Danger all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Abella Danger is of Ukrainian descent and was raised in a Jewish household. Despite her religious upbringing, Abella Danger has always had a voracious sexual appetite which led to this brunette beauty losing her virginity when she was 16 years old and shooting her first ever hardcore sex scene for the Bang Bros website when she was 18 years old. “Growing up in my early years, I was very inverted with my emotions and way of being. I was a dancer so there was a very specific type of way to dress, point, extend your leg, raise your arm, you name it, there was a way. Along with my strict Jewish parents to keep me in line. Once I began my adolescence, I really started to embrace the features that made me unique like my butt. I just hated it, it always made my dance leotard make such a weird gap on my back and boys said I walked like a duck. But once I was already 15, I realized it was a good thing to be different and everyone I ever admired had exaggerated features so I promised to never let anyone try and change me… I wouldn’t say I was promiscuous but I wanted to know why we had sex. I was in search of what I now know to be an orgasm. I hadn’t had one when I first started having sex”. “Long story short, after a couple of months of dating this guy, he begged me over and over to shoot a scene with him. I did and secretly loved it immediately. I shot my first 5 scenes with him and afterward decided I wanted to see what I could really do on my own… It was for Bangbros in Venetian Productions in Miami and I was I guess somewhat experienced with sex. I mean I knew how to fuck, lol. And the crew made me feel really comfortable obsessing over my body and giving me compliments. That always helps. I truly loved that once the camera started rolling, this alters ego came out, this slutty little thing, and the best part is no judgment for it. In fact, I got praised for it. I may have fallen into porn on accident but it was meant for me”. View more Porn Star Babes Exposed here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos.

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    Daniela Dadivoso - Porn Star - Anal, Lesbian, Nude, and Naked Videos - Galleries and Biography Daniela She was mostly cast in genres such as teen, anal, threesome, lesbian, and group sex.

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    She does vaginal sex, anal, double penetrations, interracial, blowjobs, deep throat, footjobs, gang bangs

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    Tall, slender, and incredibly beautiful, Jessa Rhodes has been in business for only a few years but she already managed to get nominated eleven times for various industry awards and even walked home with a 'Best Supporting Actress trophy from the 2015 XBIZ ceremony. She was born in Portland, Oregon on June 29, 1993, as the youngest of seven siblings. She was raised in a strict Christian environment and was pretty shy growing up. She lost her virginity at age fifteen with her boyfriend at the time. As soon as she turned 18 she was approached by an agent from Bang Bros but turned down the offer. A year later she was discovered by another agent doing a webcam show and soon she moved to Miami, Florida to shoot her first hardcore scene for the Reality Kings network. Jessa Rhodes stands 5 feet and 6 inches tall, weighs about 110 lbs and she takes great pride in her natural 32B-25-36 body measurements. She has a series of tattoos, including the words 'Race the Speed of Pain' on her arm and no piercings. She has also filmed scenes for the other big names in the industry including Team Skeet, Premium Pass, New Sensations, Dirty Diablos, Brazzers, and 21 Sextury. Busty blonde bombshell Jessa Rhodes is a stunning adult film star, feature dancer, and webcam model with a vast global fan following. Famous for her saucy sex scenes in numerous New Sensations, Wicked Pictures, Digital Playground, and Zero Tolerance porn productions, Jessa won “Best Supporting Actress” at the 2015 XBIZ Awards and she was the focal point of a Hustler billboard campaign in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Antonio in the summer of 2016. In fact, Jessa has graced the covers of Cheri and Hustler magazine on numerous occasions as well as featuring on the front of countless box covers! View more Hot Jessa Rhodes naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos. “I actually moved out when I was 16 so I had my first job at 15. I worked at McDonald’s, of course, and many, many other fast food places. I was kind of a work-a-holic. I worked at restaurants, I stripped at night. I’m a little flirt so I just hustled and that’s what led me here… I started stripping at 17 and it’s one of those things that I’ve always been pretty comfortable with as far as my sexuality or being naked. I was always the first girl when we went down to the river to take my top off and jump in the water. I’ve always been very comfortable in any situation with my clothes off…I enjoy what I do, I have fun with it, I’m clean at the end of the day, I don’t ever have to worry about not getting laid”. View more Porn Star Babes Exposed here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos.

  • Emma Hix Pornstar Cosplay Anal Sex

    include the Kick Ass Pictures DVDs Cum Eating Cuckolds 25 (2016) and Foot Fetish Daily 28 (2016), Mick’s Anal Teens 4 (2016) for Evil Angel/BAM Visions and Little Anal Vixxxens 2 (2016) for LeWood/Evil Angel also

  • Accidental Anal Encounters

    Welcome to Great Moments in Drunken Hookup Failure, where we showcase four heartwarming true stories of drunken love gone horribly awry. Off we go. Bizarro Bowl: In college several years ago, there was a girl that I was seeing for a few weeks. We hadn't yet consummated our relationship, but I had a feeling it was coming soon. One night after a night of moderately heavy drinking, we go back to my room and sexy time begins. After about a half hour of making out, heavy petting, etc..., she decides that tonight is the night. I put on a condom and surprisingly, she wants it doggy style. However, between the booze, the darkness and my excitement, my aim was off by about two inches to the north. It wouldn't have been that bad if I had stuck just my tip in, but due to my excitement, I went, ahem, balls deep in her ass. She made a sound not dissimilar to what a dog sounds like when you step on its tail, a high-pitched yelp. Nothing kills sexy time more quickly than accidental sodomy. We dated for a weeks after that, but I never sealed the deal. The next time I was with a girl, some soft mood lighting made all the difference. Yeah, women never think that's an accident either. Steve: First week of my last semester of senior year of college. I end up at a party hooking up with a friend of mine, Liz, that I'd known since freshman orientation. Our mutual friends had been trying for years to get us together. Apparently regular sized people can't stand the thought of two tall people (I'm 6'6, she's 5'11) being in the same vicinity of one another without being in a relationship. I always resisted because I happened to be into other people whenever the suggestion was made and besides, no one likes to be told who the fuck they should or shouldn't be with. So back to the party. I run into her and we end up talking. After a few drinks the cobwebs in by brain clear and I realize I'd be a complete moron if I didn't at least try to see if this beautiful, awesome, height-appropriate chick isn't into me. I lay it all on the line and tell her how I feel. She feels the same way. Sweet. We start making out and things move quickly. I think because we had known each other so well it brought a comfort level to everything that got things moving faster than they would have normally; like we were making up for lost time. I ask her if she wants to go back to my room. She does, and we leave together. I lived in a six person suite; three bedrooms (each with its own bathroom and shower) and a common room. Only problem was there were five of us who signed up to live together, so one of us ended up having to get a randomly assigned roommate. I knew my roommate (one of the five friends) wouldn't be back for another day, and when we got back to the suite I yelled out to see if anyone else was there and got no response. So I thought we had the whole place to ourselves. Back in my room, we began going at it. Clothes come off, foreplay commences. After going down on one another she asks if I have a condom. I get up to go to my desk to get it, put in on and crawl back into my bed where she's waiting for me. I'm beginning to slowly ease inside her when all of a sudden we hear a deep, guttural, moan coming from the other side of my paper thin wall. It's Lou, the rando added to our suite that lived in the room over from me. Jerking off. And talking to himself. Loudly. He must have thought he was alone, too. Apparently repeatedly assuring himself how large his penis was and how badly it could destroy any woman that got in its path really got him off. And the greatest part was he doing all this while talking in a voice not unlike Christian Bale's Batman. We ended up spending the next ten minutes trying our best to stifle our laughter until Lou finished, which he did while proclaiming loudly "GAHHH FUCK TAKE THE DRAGON! THAT"S WHAT THE FUCK I'M TALKING ABOUT!" After that, we both knew nothing was going to happen. So we just ended up making out a little bit more and spent the rest of the night laughing quietly about what just happened until we went to sleep. It all actually ended up working out great for me. Liz and I are coming up on three years together in January. As for Lou, I never spoke to him or tried to contact him in any way after we graduated; so for all I know he's still out there looking for someone to take the dragon. Rex Grossman feels your pain, Lou. Josh: I lost my virginity at the end of freshman year of college. Fast forward through summer, and its the second week of sophomore year and I had just moved into a fraternity and we were throwing lots of "beginning of the year let's get as many freshman girls into the house as possible" parties. After one of these parties where I didn't land a woman yet again I challenged my roommate to a shot taking contest. Mind you this is the end of the night not the beginning. After 5 shots we decide that we would rather smoke bongs. After about 3 rips a girl I had met earlier in the night comes stumbling into the room. She clearly wanted to get it on. So I kick my roommate out and show this girl how to climb the ladder into my lofted style bed. Before you know it she's blowing me. After a few minutes I sit up to put a condom on and get on top of her. And that's when I felt it all spinning. Instantly I knew I was going to barf, and it would be really really hard to clean up barf in a loft. So what did I do? I leaned over and barfed onto my coffee table from 6.5 feet in the air. Then I rolled over and passed out. I woke up to find out the girl left, barf all over the table and floor, a 5 inch gash on my leg and a condom on my dick. Two days later (Monday) I talked to the girl and shockingly she invited me over to her dorm room the next day to finish what we started. The next day? Tuesday, September 11th 2001. The sexiest day of all! Joe: I live in an apt in San Francisco and I was drinking some beers and taking some shots with my roommate, as we prepared to head out for the evening. My third roommate and a group of about 10 guys and girls were already at the bar, so we were trying to play catch up and get out of the house. Shortly before we were about to leave, my roommate got a call from a mutual friend of ours, who was in the neighborhood with two girls. He came over, the girls were decently cute, though one had a boyfriend, and we proceeded to get even more hammered. We head out the bar and I'm doing pretty well with the other girl who was single. We consume god knows how many more drinks at the bar and I guess we left. I remember walking out of the bar with her, into the cold, but that's it. At this point, my memory is 100% gone. The roommate that I was out with, wasn't in quite as bad of shape as me, and so he had some vague recollections and told me that we got back to the house without incident and also that I began to make out with the girl in the hallway and then walk down to my bedroom. I woke up the next day with most of my clothes on, so I was reasonably sure we didn't have sex, but slightly confused as to why it didn't go further. I figured it was no matter though, I had a great time, got hammered and made out with a cute girl in my bed. Good enough, right? So, the next day, I talk to the mutual friend that had brought the girls over and he had a sordid tale for me. Apparently, my roommate was correct in his description: we did indeed start kissing in the hallway and then moved it down to my room. It gets a little weirder though. Apparently, things were going fine, when I said I had to go pee real quick. Rather than walk out of my bedroom door and into the bathroom, which is about 3 feet away, for some reason, I decided to stand in my doorway and piss out onto the kitchen floor. After I was done, I sopped it up with a t-shirt from my dirty clothes pile and put it at the bottom of the pile. All while this girl is looking on, horrified. Again, I don't remember any of this, but the girl certainly did. Anyway, she immediately left, went to sleep on the living room floor near her friend and they left at like 8am, well before I was conscious. The worst part is, I didn't know about this until way later in the next day, so not long after I woke up, I sent her a friend request on Facebook. Needless to say, that was not accepted. View more Erotic and Kinky Galleries from Babes of Passion Here.

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    X-rated features for are Hustler, Bang Productions, Pure Play Media, Pulse Distribution, and Evasive Angles