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  • Gemma Massey Goddess of Desire

    Gemma Massey - Brown Hair Porn Star Babe - Naked and Nude - Galleries, Videos, and Biography Gemma Massey was born on September 30, 1984, and raised in England, and never considered a career in modeling. She was born in Tamworth and who knew in just a few years and a few miles she would be on her way to international stardom. Things began to Gemma in a small town outside London. After school, Gemma started working as a dental nurse, but before long she was distracted by dreams of fame and name. She started modeling in the British newspaper called ‘The Sun’ which is known as page 3 girl. This is the same work as Katie Price UK Jordan was doing. She approached a porn star, at that time her only focus aim was to earn a lot of money. She is the highest-paid pornstar in the UK and probably one of the top 10 highest paid pornstars in the world. While Gamma was doing work for ‘page 3 girl’ she was also doing some modeling for ‘playboy.’ She was featured as UK Cybergirl, remained part of men’s magazines, and also featured the Twists Treat of the month for July 2009. She also appeared in many other men’s magazines and some mainstream ones as well. Before her career in modeling, she was working at a grocery store where a photographer provided her a card and advised her that she could be a good model. She did not take that seriously because at that time she had some plans to join the police force but she was thrown out of the academy because they felt she was a distraction to the class. So next she decided to get training to work as a dental nurse. From there she finally made a call and started doing work for page 3 and then for Playboy. In early 2012, after Paul Chaplin left Bluebird films and released all the girls from their contracts, Gemma Messy announced her retirement from making adult movies. She is still doing some work for the webcam show and works for her official website, but that is pretty much it for her regarding the adult industry. The credit of most of her fame goes to her adult performances; she has also done mainstream modeling including being the face of the new Ed Hardys Eyewear Line as well as a touch of the television including her appearance on both Bravo TV and ITV. She got her way into the modeling to gain her recognition. Gemma rose to her fame in 2010 after appearing in the TV series ‘the only way is Essex’ before leaving the show after the airing of the 3rd series. They call the show TOWIE. Gemma Massey often found in the tabloids in the UK. She hangs out with famous people including her dating them. She is the ex of celebrity big brother housemate Kirk Norcross. In Feb 2017, she received tanning injections, and it caused an abscess to form on her leg. She consulted the doctor about what they could do and rushed her into emergency surgery. The surgery apparently was well, but it took 4 to 6 weeks to recover. The scars are still on her skin. She remarked about the tanning injections “if anyone is ever thinking about doing tanning injections, please do not do it because of the pain which I felt, I do not want anyone else to feet it.” It revealed from her ordeal that it announced in April 2017 that Gemma Massey would be appearing on the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. The height of Gemma is 5 feet and 3 inches. She has a smart weight of 45 kg. She has worked in more than 20 movies. Shocking to know about Gemma Massey is that she went through 4 plastic surgeries, every time pumping more and more silicone in her breast. Now she has 96cc silicone volume in her breast and although they look fake no one refuses them. Her breast is much more significant as compared to her overall smart physique. Gemma is a natural brunette, and she dyes her hair in blonde color on a regular basis. She has a couple of tattoos on her body and also a couple of piercings including one on her clitoris. All in all, she has the fit body for a pornstar. If she had been a bit taller, then she would have walked on the international fashion podiums by now. Gemma Massey never saw herself for what she is truly now. She did not try by herself in the world of porn, neither she did any struggle for the world of modeling. She was a worker in the supermarket from where her luck carried her in the world of porn with the help of a photographer. Her luck day shinned when she got a proposal for a porn gig. She never thought about joining the industry, but she jumped right in. Gemma remained active from 2006 to 2014 then she took a break. She did not remain away from the camera too long, and a year later she saw again on the sets. Now she is one of the most appreciated pornstars from the UK. View More of Babes of Passion's Top Babes here.

  • My Secret Your Desire

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  • A Lesbian's Desire

    "Why am I even here?", Kelly wondered as she walked into the Halloween party. It looked pretty boring but she couldn't leave. She had already told the hostess, her coworker Samantha, that she would spend the night. Samantha knew Kelly loved to drink, and definitely should not be on the road later tonight. Plus, Kelly's costume was a hit! She not only looked like a man, she looked like a good looking man. Her suit was complete down to the suspenders and her makeup artist pal added a very convincing beard. People were shocked by how different Kelly looked from her normal sexy self. Between her tight little body and adorably innocent face, she drove all the men wild at her work on a daily basis. So far none of them had been successful in fucking her, but they all longed for it every day. At least Kelly's friend Ann was there. They always had a blast together, especially when there was plenty of alcohol. Both coworkers and best friends, Kelly and Ann were practically inseparable. Something was different tonight though. Ann was dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, with her long brown hair in pigtails. She had on a short button-down white shirt, tied in a knot in the front, exposing her flat tan stomach. It was unbuttoned almost all the way down, with her black lacy bra exposed and her cleavage looked positively delicious. Her short plaid skirt almost showed her little round ass. Her thigh-high white stockings and sexy heels were the cherries on top. Kelly had never thought of Ann in a naughty way before, though of course, she realized how beautiful she is. Anybody could see that Ann was a perfect 10. While Kelly was blond-haired blue-eyed beauty, Ann was more exotic with dark eyes and golden brown skin. She certainly looked good enough to eat tonight. The party was pretty lame alright, but Ann and Kelly hardly noticed. The shots never stopped, and before long they were totally smashed. The more Kelly stared at the top of Ann's pretty little titties, the hornier she found herself. She yawned and stretched until Samantha took them to the room they would sleep in. It wasn't unusual for the girls to pass out together, it had always been totally innocent. They crashed on the bed in their costumes, it seemed like a lot of trouble to take them off. As she started to doze off, thinking about Ann's hot body, she felt her friend moving closer in the bed. She thought she may be imagining things because she was totally drunk. However, when she felt Ann's lips on hers, she knew it was real. Before she knew it, Ann had her tongue all the way down her throat. Her pussy instantly wet and throbbing, Kelly decided to take charge. After all, she was the man. She grabbed Ann's chin and kissed her hard and deep. Her hand couldn't resist the beautiful breasts she had been staring at all night. She unsnapped Ann's bra and looked at her lovely chest. Ann's tits weren't large but they were a perfect handful, as Kelly soon found out. With the perky little nipples and perfect shape, Kelly was in love. She sucked one of Ann's nipples while working the other over with her fingers. Ann was moaning already and Kelly could tell this was going to be fun. She remembered that Sam and her husband were swingers and proud of it. Sam often talked about the variety of toys they kept in the spare bedroom for when their special friends came over. Ann looked in the closet and found just what she was looking for, a strap-on dick still in the plastic wrapper. She told Ann she would be right back and went to the bathroom, despite Ann's whines and moans that she wanted to fuck. Kelly put the strap-on underneath the suit pants of her costume. Once back in the room, she took total charge. She was totally involved in the characters they were playing. She was the dirty man taking the innocent little sex kitten. She got on top of Ann and kissed her long and deep, grinding her new dick into Ann's pussy through her clothes. Ann shrieked with delight when she realized what Kelly had in mind. She rubbed the hard cock through the pants just as though it were real. Kelly sat up and next to Ann, ripping off her little black shirt. Of course, she had to suck on those nice little tits some more, while her hand caressed Ann's thigh. As her fingers moved up her leg, Ann was moaning and shaking in anticipation. When Kelly's hands reached Ann's little black lace thong she couldn't believe how wet her friend was. Her pretty shaved pussy was soaking. Ann started to take off her skirt and Kelly stopped her. She slipped the little thong down Ann's legs, leaving the thigh highs and heels on. Before Ann knew what hit her, Kelly's head was under her skirt. Kelly had never tasted pussy juice before and she loved it. She knew just how to gently flick Ann's clit while rubbing the outside of her pussy lips with her fingertips. She waited until Ann was begging for it, then let her finger slip inside her tight little pussy. Though Kelly had very small hands, she fingerfucked Ann just as hard as she could. Ann was bucking against her finger, moaning and groaning until she finally came. Kelly decided Ann needed a good fucking from her new hard cock. She turned Ann over on her stomach so she could she her tits in the giant mirror on the wall behind the bed. She whipped her dick out and rubbed it up and down Ann's pussy. Finally, she slowly stuck her cock in her friend's cunt. Kelly could see Ann's expression of ecstasy in the mirror and fucked her nice and hard. The sight of Ann's tits bouncing up and down was absolutely scrumptious. When Kelly tired of fucking her BFF doggy style, she turned her over on her back. They both watched as Kelly stuck the plastic cock all the way inside Ann's pussy. Kelly pumped harder and harder while playing with her buddies rock hard nipples until she could feel Ann cumming again. Kelly took out her member and went between Ann's legs to lick every last drop of her friend's delicious cum. Then she rubbed her fingers over Ann's soaking pussy to get them nice and wet. She ran her fingers around and around Ann's tight little virgin asshole. Ann made it clear with her moans that she was ready to be ass fucked. Kelly slowly slid the cock in, stretching Ann's ass very gently. It must have felt great because her friend pushed her asshole into the dildo...taking the whole thing!! Kelly then slammed the cock into Ann's twat again, until the slutty little school girl came over and over again, screaming Kelly's name. "Now it's your turn," Ann stated matter of factly. "Take off that costume and make yourself look like the sexy bitch I want to fuck every day." Kelly was shocked to hear this, she didn't think Ann was having those kinds of thoughts. It turned her on more than she ever could have imagined. She wasn't moving fast enough for her horny friend, so Ann ripped her suit off for her. Then she slipped off her own outfit, growing tired of her skirt and stockings. Kelly regretted that she hadn't fucked Ann like this, with her totally naked. Her body really was a work of art. Hopefully, she'd have the chance.. Ann took the strap-on off Kelly and put it on herself. She sucked Kelly's large tits, thoroughly enjoying her little pink nipples. Kelly's breasts were unusually large for a girl of her small frame, and they were natural. Suddenly, Ann had an idea. She moved up until she was had the cock nestled between Kelly's mounds. She fucked the shit out of her tits while watching it all in the mirror. Next, Ann got on her back. "Get on this dick and ride me...NOW!" Kelly certainly wasn't going to argue. She mounted her friend and centered herself over the dick. Her pussy was so wet she had no problem getting the large member inside. She rode her friend like a bull, hanging on for dear life. She fucked so hard it was a little bit painful but felt so good. She bounced frantically, then sat and rolled her hips round and round. After she came, Ann grabbed her waist and gently pushed her off the fake cock. She pushed Kelly's head down to the strap-on so she could taste her own pussy juice. After it was all clean, they cuddled together naked. They both fell asleep, totally exhausted and satisfied. View more hot and steamy stories here.

  • Lesbian Passion and Desire

    How often have you read about lesbian or gay sex positions? Not much we are sure! So for all your lesbians out there, here are really hot sex positions that are sure to give you an intense female orgasm. Since not every woman is lucky to have female orgasms, these sex positions will surely help you achieve one. Scissoring position This is one of the most done sex positions by lesbians. In this one, both of you have to open your legs and intertwine one leg with each other. Since both of you are facing in the same direction and your legs are wide open, it gives ample space for the two of you to stimulate each other’s clitoris.  This is one of the best ways for both of you to get ample pleasure. The Lounger position In this one, ask your partner to lie down on the bed and spread her legs. You have to kneel right between her legs and use your hands to stimulate her. Touch her clitoris with one hand and with the other hand you can either fondle her breasts or just have a hot make-out session. For more comfort, you can place some pillows under her hip. The breast touching In this position, you can rub your breasts against hers, while you also exchange really intense and passionate kisses. One of you has to kneel down and the other has to lie back on the bed.  You can use this position in as many different ways as possible. From kissing each other’s breasts, licking and stimulating the clitoris, there is a lot that you can do. The rocket position This one is the oral position where one woman will lie down and the other will kneel on top of her face. So, the one lying down gets to lick her partner’s vagina! You can also rub your butt against her nipples for some wildness and kinkiness. It is a very simple sex position and also gives maximum pleasure. The sitting position In this one, only some of you sit and the other one kneels down to bend forward towards the vagina and give some really hot oral session. This sex position is apt for couples who love adventure and trying out different things. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here. View Pornstars Exposed at Babes of Passion Here.

  • Malena Fendi Brunette Desire

    Malena comes to us from Kiev, Ukraine where she already is an established model. A Playboy scout spotted her in the Ukraine, and after a test shoot, the beautiful babe became an official Playboy Playmate. She has a mysterious cat-like look with cute cherry lips and flawless porcelain skin. As works of art go, all-natural Malena has to be one of the finest. Malena Is A Super Star Model And Actress. Malena Is Pure Natural Beauty. Malena'S Gallery Of Pictures Is Artistic Beauty And Genius. She Is Beautiful On The Inside And Outside. Malena Is Extremely Gifted. She Is A Shining Star. Her Whole Being Is Magnificent. She Is A Rock Star. Her Eyes And Face Are Captivating. View more hot and hot Brunette babes from Babes of Passion here all naked with galleries, biographies, and videos.

  • Elsa Jean Lesbian Desire

    From her big green eyes to her smooth porcelain skin, everything about Elsa Jean screams fuck-doll come to life. This impish teen loves getting dressed up in thigh-high stockings, frilly pink dresses, and polished Mary-Janes only to take them off in an adorable striptease that would melt any man's heart. Elsa might look like a pure and innocent girl-next-door, but there's a whole lot of nasty stuff rolling around in that pretty little head of hers. Nothing gets her wetter than an older man who can bring out her inner pervert, so it made perfect sense for this petite cutie to take the porno plunge as soon as she turned eighteen. When she isn't puckering her lips around a sugar daddy's stiff rod, Elsa likes to cook for her fellow teen starlets, making the model house a little homier for all the up-and-coming sweethearts who are joining Miss Jean on the path to porn success. Let Elsa Jean Strip for you and view Hot Blonde Elsa Jean Nude here. View Best of Elsa Jean Pornstar Videos here. She is just one year into the porn industry and already has a growing fan base. No wonder with her natural body, completely free of plastic surgery, and her long icy blond hair and green eyes. Fans believe that she has one of the cutest and prettiest faces in the industry. She captures the camera and the heart of the viewer immediately. The reason why she entered the industry was simple – she was looking for great sex. Her sex life was pretty miserable and she was constantly watching porn. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here. View Pornstars Exposed at Babes of Passion Here.

  • Blonde Desire Alexis Adams

    Alexis Adams - Blonde - Naked and Nude - Galleries, Videos, and Biography Adams was born on November 2, 1992, in Dade City, Florida. She grew up there and was a cheerleader which is not weird considering how beautiful she is and how slender a figure she has. Her body started developing when she was in her junior year of high school. Her breasts helped her get lots of attention from the boys.  She lost her virginity when she was fourteen or fifteen years and it ‘opened the floodgates and she became pretty promiscuous. Alexis stated that she slept with approximately fifteen guys before entering porn. Prior porn she worked as a waitress in a Florida restaurant (from the age of sixteen till she turned nineteen). Her porn career took off while she was still working in that restaurant. Parallel to her restaurant work she was studying nursing at Pasco Hernando Community College in Port Richey, Florida, but quit when she entered the porn industry. Being lovely and cute, with a great figure and average height, this blonde bombshell began her career under the stage name Jordana Ryan. She was the Playboy Coed of the Week for January 19, 2012. Afterward, she posed for both Stare and Hustler magazines. Unlikely any other porn star, Alexis’s parents took her to her first photoshoot. In 2013 Alexis began performing in explicit hardcore movies and also worked for various adult websites such as BangBros, Twistys, Mofos, and In the beginning, Adams was approached to do porn but at that time she was extremely against porn. She was part of the anti-porn crusade, she said. Adams eventually reconsidered the decision when they offered her to film a solo masturbation scene. When she was offered to film a boy/girl scene she declined but later she changed her mind. Alexis soon became very confident and had a feeling that she could do so much more and so much better than the other female performers in the industry. Adams says that the porn industry is much more professional than the nude modeling industry. One of her favorite performances is the one she did in Not the Wizard of Oz XXX. After becoming a pornstar Adams has moved to Las Vegas. Her plans are to go back to school at some point and study psychology, but she also doesn’t plan to give up her porn career at least until she graduates. One day she hopes to own her own company. Her family knows that she is in the porn – her father and her stepmother are fully supportive of what she does, and her mother prefers not to talk about that to her. Alexis Adams is a stunning all-natural pornstar, camgirl, and model who has been thrilling fans since 2012. Over the years, Alexis Adams has attracted a devoted international fan following due to her sensational scenes for Brazzers, Cherry Pimps, Naughty America, and PornPros. Alexis Adams was also named as Cherry Pimps’ “Cherry of the Month” for April 2018 and she has received many notable “Best Boobs (Fan Award)”, “Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene”, and “Best Solo/Tease Performance” nominations at the AVN Awards. Alexis Adams made her official porn debut in the spring of 2012. Some of Alexis Adams’ earliest porn productions include her sizzling scenes with Johnny Champ and Juan Largo in the Score DVDs Glazed Teens (2012) and Cotton Tail #2 (2012), her steamy scene with Ramon Nomar in the Digital Sin movie Adorable #2 (2013) that was nominated for “Best Young Girl Release” at the 2014 AVN Awards and her saucy Piece Of Pie scene with Mick Blue in the Reality Kings release Pure 18 #29 (2013) starring sexy teen pornstars Anastasia Morna, Roxy Lovette, Chloe Brooke, Emily Benjamins, and Nikita Bellucci. A landmark moment in Alexis Adams’ career occurred in the summer of 2013 when she was cast in Will Ryder’s X-Play porn parody Not The Wizard Of Oz XXX (2013) alongside Anikka Albrite, Brandy Aniston, Maddy O’Reilly, Nina Hartley, and Stella Marie. Alexis Adams shared a sizzling scene with Eric Swiss in this Wizard Of Oz-inspired spoof and she mentioned in her May 2013 AIP Daily interview that; “My favorite movie I’ve been in so far is Not the Wizard of Oz XXX parody. I was very thankful to be a part of that and still being so new! The original movie is one of my favorite movies so doing a parody of it, I couldn’t have been any happier”. Most notably, Alexis Adams has starred in several fan-favorite Digital Playground movies. We recommend watching Alexis Adams’ sizzling scene with Seth Gamble in Girls Of Summer (2014), her saucy scene with Erik Everhard in Broken Vows (2015), and her seductive scene with Ryan Driller in Lock And Load (2015) that was nominated for “Best Editing” at the 2016 AVN Awards. Alexis Adams has also appeared in the Digital Playground release Pornstar Perversions (2015) and she shared a spectacular scene with Karlo Karrera in Sex & Confidence (2016) featuring Peta Jensen, Aidra Fox, Audrey Bitoni, Abigail Mac, and Eva Lovia. As the movie description raunchily reveals; “Even some of the most powerful men have their insecurities. In this series of vignettes, we follow John, Mick, James, and Keiran as they explore and deal with the challenges and frustrations of certain sexual situations…mastering their fears and self-doubts with the help of some sexy, patient and understanding women”. View more hot and sexy Blonde babes from Babes of Passion here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos.

  • Babe of Desire Lucy Li

    Lucy Li - Brunette Porn Star Babe - Naked and Nude - Galleries, Videos, and Biography Lucy was born on January 4, 1994, in Munich, Germany. Luci is a young and beautiful girl who comes from a country that has exported some of the most beautiful women both in the mainstream and in the adult entertainment industry. She started her career in 2013  and performed under plenty of aliases like Scarlett Lee, Lucy Lee, Lucy Ly, Ullas Li, Mosi Ly, Teal. Her naturally large breasts brought all the attention to her and she got a lot of scenes where big breasts are appreciated, but she also performed in lesbian sex, masturbation, striptease, and teen (at the beginning of her career). Lucy has a natural body and sexy curves in the right spots. Her ebony long hair and her pale skin combined with piercing dark eyes are making her one of the most favorite curvy princesses in the porn world. She has an active Facebook page, where fans can see new photos of her quite often. Lucy has a body completely free of any tattoos or piercings. There is confusion about her origin, but Lucy is a German-born star, who currently resides in Prague, Czech Republic, because of her job. View More of Babes of Passion's Top Babes here.

  • Babe of Desire Lana Rhoades Nude

    Lana Rhoades - Brown Hair Porn Star Babe - Naked and Nude - Galleries, Videos, and Biography Lana Rhoades was born on September 6, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois, US. Ever since Lana was a kid, she was always keen and passionate about acting and dancing. As she grew up, she earned a lot of fame for her makeup tutorial and tricks, beauty tips, product reviews, and travel vlogs which she uploads on her channel, Lana Rhoades.  There is no man on this earth who doesn’t know Lana Rhoades. She used to be one of the top pornstars who took the porn industry by storm. Her astounding beauty and physique were insanely loved by people all over the world. She gained so much fame and popularity over her brief porn career that even after leaving the porn industry she is still followed by millions of followers all over the world. Not just that, her channel has attained a total of more than 3 million views from her videos. Other than YouTube, she has lots of fan followings on her various social media platforms. Also, she has more than 12.2 million followers on her Instagram alone at the time of writing this article. Lana Rhoades was born and raised in Illinois, Chicago. She graduated from high school early and always took part and performed well in cheerleading as well as other sports. In an interview, she thought about getting into the adult industry even before she was 18. After she was 18, she decided to send an application. At that age, she moved closer to Chicago where she started working as a dancer at a Tilted Kilt. During the same year, her fame skyrocketed with her first modeling for the popular Playboy Cyber Girls. After that, she moved to LA from Chicago after contacting popular agent Mark Spiegler via email. In a matter of a few months, she quickly gathered quite a lot of following and popularity in the porn industry. She became a much sought-after porn industry for her astounding beauty and body. After working for more than two years in the porn industry, she decided to leave the industry because she was not treated well by the producers. Regardless, she is doing very well due to massive followings in her social accounts. And, she has been an inspiration to many that, there is life after being an adult actress and her boyfriend is supporting her in millions of way. When she entered the porn industry, she was just 18 years old. At the time, she had a slim natural body figure. She had a smaller bust and butt in comparison to her body figure today. After some time, she got implants on her bust as well as the butt. It was because she did not like the way she looked. Many criticized her for getting implants when she already had a wonderful body physique. Regardless, she is happy with her new body looks which makes her look even sexier. View More of Babes of Passion's Top Babes here.

  • Babe of Desire Cassidy Banks

    Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Cassidy Banks has mixed Puerto Rican and American heritage. Cassidy first began working within the adult entertainment industry in early 2014 when she signed with the exclusive adult film talent agency Motley Models. In no time at all Cassidy began to garner a devoted fan base within the United States and abroad due to her sizzling sex scenes that featured within several big busts themed porn productions for Penthouse, Brazzers Network, Digital Sin, and Bang Bros. Fans of Cassidy Banks should check out her saucy sex scenes in the Bang Bros DVD titles Big Tit Cream Pie 30 (2014) and Big Tits Round Asses 37 (2014), within the Penthouse porn production Breast Friends (2014) which showcased Cassidy sharing a saucy sex scene with James Deen, as well as her I Wanna Be A Motherfucking Porn Star three-way with August Ames and Keiran Lee that was distributed via the Brazzers Network porn site in April 2014. During this time Cassidy also starred in the Digital Sin taboo relations titles I Love My Sister’s Big Tits 2 and 3 (2014), the Lethal Hardcore group sex and girl/girl themed DVD feature releases Morning Wood 3 (2014) and Seduced By A Real Lesbian 15 (2014) also starring Ariana Grand, Cassidy Klein, Abigail Mac, Jillian Janson, Jenna Ashley, Dee Dee Lynn, and Vanessa Cage, as well as the North Pole Enterprises teen porn DVDs Young Chicks Love Big Dicks 7 (2014) and Giant Juicy Juggs 3 (2014). By the end of the year, Cassidy had become one of the most popular rising starlets within the adult film industry and she was even featured within the Reality Kings DVD compilation title Rookies Of The Year: 2015 (2014). Cassidy has since been showcased within the Girlfriends Films DVD compilation title Beautiful New Faces 5 (2015) and I See Stars (2015) for New Sensations alongside prominent female porn stars Phoenix Marie, Kendra Lust, Gianna Michaels, Ava Addams, August Ames, Anissa Kate, Karlee Grey, and Zoe Voss. One of Cassidy’s most popular rising starlet-themed DVD titles has been Porn’s Top Black Models 4 (2015) for Elegant Angel which was nominated for “Best Ethnic Movie” at the 2016 AVN Awards and “All-Black Release of the Year” at the 2017 XBIZ Awards. Ever eager to explore her sexual limits, throughout 2015 Cassidy began to film a wide range of bondage-themed DVD titles for the fetish porn production company FM Concepts. Fans eager to explore Cassidy’s kinkier side should check out Costumed Girls Are Powerless (2015), Cute Girls Caught In Bondage (2015), Pretty Roped Up Packages (2015), and Ten Business Babes Gagged And Bound (2015) all of which showcase Cassidy in some kinky girl/girl BDSM sex scenes. Over the years Cassidy has continued to feature within a sizzling selection of raunchy fetish porn, femdom, group sex, and BDSM DVD titles including Public Penetration (2015) for Wicked Pictures that was nominated for “Best Gonzo Movie” at the 2017 AVN Awards, My First Threesome for Immoral Productions, Titty Creampies 8 (2015) for Evil Angel, Bijou (2015) for Wicked Pictures also starring Mia Malkova, Asa Akira, Keira Nicole, and Naveen Ora and Exquisite Slits (2016) for Girlfriends Films which featured Cassidy enacting her deepest, darkest lesbian fantasies with Lexi Lowe alongside Samantha Bentley, Tanya Tate, Stella Cox, Ash Hollywood, and Subil Arch. A multi-talented fetish model, parody porn star, boy/girl, and girl/girl performer, Cassidy has filmed some fantastic lesbian-themed porn productions over the course of her porn star career. Some of Cassidy’s sauciest girl/girl sex scenes include her Hungry For Cassidy collaboration with Keisha Grey for Twisty’s porn site View more hot and hot Brunette babes from Babes of Passion here all naked with galleries, biographies, and videos.

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    teens ages 13-16 commissioned by NBC and People Magazine, 68% of teens who have had sex reported sexual desire However, if the desire for physical pleasure is not the sole reason – if it’s present, but alongside Eighteen percent of teens in the survey above reported the desire to be popular as a reason for choosing Curiosity Curiosity is the desire to know something you don’t know already, and it’s a primary reason

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  • DESIREE NIGHT Pornstar Biography

    DESIREE NIGHT - Porn Star Babe - Naked and Nude - Galleries, Videos, and Biography Playful Latina Desiree A sassy sexy nerd, Desiree Dulce loves to code almost as much as she loves to cum. A programmer and professional computer nerd for several years, Desiree decided to explore her more intimate desires and became a cam girl in August 2016. You will see much more of Desiree because she is going to be a superstar.

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    The word hentai is a word of Japanese origin which is short for hentai seiyoku—a “perverse” sexual desire In Japanese, the term describes any type of “perverse” or bizarre sexual desire or act.

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    that Dean has worked for are BangBros, Mofos, Devil's Film, Diabolic Video, Reality Kings, Digital Desire that Dean has worked for are BangBros, Mofos, Devil's Film, Diabolic Video, Reality Kings, Digital Desire

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