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    First time having girl-on-girl Lesbian sex? Here are some useful tips. Your first time having lesbian sex, or girl-on-girl slash vulva-on-vulva sex, can be pretty nerve racking No matter how confident you are, or how much lesbian porn you've watched (which FYI, is not realistic a girl or vulva-having person, here's what you need to know - from how to beat the nerves, to which lesbian View more hot lesbian action 2 with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    How to fist your lesbian lover. Fisting is my number one favorite penetrative queer lesbian sex move. Fisting is AWESOME. ready for regular lesbian hand sex. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here. Remember, lesbian sex isn’t linear and neither is fisting.

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    She is almost exclusively a girl-on-girl lesbian scene and solo performer. View the Best of Prinzzess Lesbian Videos here. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    Dani Daniels worked chiefly in girl-girl scenes early in her career, but she’s since branched out into boy-girl scenes. As for women, she likes hour glass women. “I enjoy women that timeless painters used to paint. I like women that look like they could eat a cheeseburger shamelessly.” She also added, “I like my women women and men ” She is also a painter and blogger. She creates pointillist artwork below the name “Kira Lee”. As of January 2016, she is attending flight school. She is a bisexual, and mainly considers herself a “girl/girl model”. As for her exposure on social media, she said, “that I have no problem letting people into my private life. ‘Dani’ is me personally. I did not change as a person when I got into pornography…I’m the exact same girl on and off camera.” She said when she is not working, she is a lazy person. “I don’t drink, do drugs, or party…so that I treat myself to nice vacations and meals. I like to visit .” Though sex is her drug of preference and she loves “blasting Nine Inch Nails when I am f*cking.” View Dani Daniel Pornstar Exposed here Dani Daniels (born Kira Lee Orsag on September 23, 1991, in Orange County, CA) is an American adult model, porn actress of German Czech descent. She was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for January 2012 and was selected as DanniGirl of the Month for February 2012. View Dani Daniels Pornstar Biography Here with nude galleries View the Best Of Dani Daniels Videos Here.

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    gradually inserting the entire hand into the vagina is an increasingly popular form of sexplay among lesbians View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    There is no real explanation as to why some women are lesbians and others are not – it is just a part There is no questionnaire or test you can complete that will tell you whether you are lesbian or not. If you are a lesbian you may: feel attracted to other women feel you are different to your girlfriends View more Hot Lesbian Twins that will fill you with passion here. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    She started off shooting in genres such as lesbian, masturbation, toys, striptease, and softcore. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    Lesbians know the secret to the best orgasms you’re not having. The lesbian orgasm rate isn’t just about an advanced skill set, though. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    According to the US National Survey of Family Growth, 44 percent of couples are doing Anal, so it makes sense to understand that special love. So I went back to my friend. “I don’t know why the idea of it excites me; it just does,” he says. “It could be because I’ve always wanted to try it, but none of my girlfriends so far have. So in my mind, it’s been built up to this amazing experience I’ll probably never have.” “The anus is tighter than the vagina, offering more friction and sensation,” says sex expert Dr. Mahinder Watsa. “For a man, this means a more powerful climax. As for the women in the 44 percent of couples, the anus also has similar pleasure nerves to the vagina, so they can enjoy the ride too.” Sex, however, we may simplify it, isn’t just about what the body feels. A large part of the pleasure is also in the mind. “The male in any species is territorial. The fact that they control the whole act is empowering for some,” says relationship counselor Sujatha Ramachandran. “Besides, anal sex is primal it’s raw and purely for sexual satisfaction, which is a big turn-on for men.” Part of the anal appeal comes down to one thing: power. Having the upper hand can be hot. On an emotional level, a guy might be into anal sex because of how intimate it is. More communication and foreplay are involved during the actual act. Having it can, hence, also demonstrate a sense of trust from his partner in that she’s willing to give all of herself to him. View more Erotic and Kinky Galleries from Babes of Passion Here.

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    "Queer and lesbian women do not identify with the heteronormative understanding [of sex]," Gigi Engle sexologist, and sex and intimacy expert at SKYN, tells Bustle, which means there isn't a "roadmap" for lesbian "While pop culture and pornography often depict lesbian sex with swift changes in sex positions, orgasm Scissoring position This is one of the most done sex positions by lesbians. View hot lesbian action here from Babes of Passion.

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    think this would limit her success in the porn world, but instead, it ended up scoring her a real-life lesbian Thank god she only does lesbian scenes, because it's kept her beautiful box looking great! View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    The collection of movies in which Elin has acted contains Lickin' Little Lesbians, Lesbian Stories Vol Elin Flame has acted contains Private Specials, Hypersexual Lesbian Affairs, and Erotic Awakening. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    What’s more, Hayden was featured in the Penthouse production Lesbian Takeover (2013) alongside Abby Cross productions including Barely Legal: My First Day Stripping (2012), From Pussy To Pussy (2013) and My First Lesbian View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    She is a true bisexual slut who is open to doing lesbian flicks as well as group sex stuff, and she even View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    Karin Hot Lesbian action featuring fingering, dildo, 3some, and pussy licking, just the ingredients to View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    The DVD The House Of Jordan, featuring dangerously erotic lesbian action, outlined why she would become View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    Your basic lesbian sex experience is oral sex (cunnilingus), and sex with fingers and hands. Lesbian sex can be anything that straight sex can be, but the participants are women.” In other words, lesbian sex = sex that lesbians have. Some lesbians scissor and some don’t. Then there’s strap-on sex. But no, an interest in strap-on play doesn’t mean lesbians wish they had a penis.

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    I had never been with a woman before. The thought of it used to scare me. I guess, with age, sometimes a woman like myself can get curious. I've always liked to look at women and admire their beauty, but that's always as far as it got. I never thought of actually having real sex with another woman. Then, a friend of mine, approached me, revealing her attraction to me. At first, I was shocked. I didn't know what to say or how to react! At first, I put her off, by telling her that I was in NO WAY interested in having a sexual relationship with a woman. The subject was dropped for a while, but then, a couple of months later she emailed me again, telling me of her interest in me. Again, I wasn't sure how to react, but now she had my curiosity. Since the first time she had brought up her feelings to me, I tried to imagine what it would be like to sleep with a woman. At first, the thought seemed really weird, but then I found myself getting turned on by the thought. Even when my husband was giving me oral sex, I would imagine that a woman was doing that to me, and I would get so hot. Now I was thinking about it all of the time! I couldn't get the thought of being with a woman out of my head! It was driving me nuts! I couldn't even concentrate at work! Of course I told her that I was still very uncomfortable with the idea, and that I was very happy, sexually, with my husband...which is true. My husband is a pro in bed. He knows where to touch me to get me going. But, now the thought of her doing the things that be husband orally does, and me being able to do the same...real turned me on. The big problem was, that my husband had no clue of my curiosity. I was afraid to even tell him. In a way, I was embarrassed at the thought, that I was even considering it! So, I didn't tell him. One afternoon, while my husband was at work, I invited her over to talk. At first, we were both a little bit uncomfortable. She didn't know what to expect from me, and I didn't know what to say to her. Finally, we started talking about other things, like work and our families and stuff. I started feeling a bit more at ease and more relaxed with the conversation. She could tell that I was losing my tension. Somehow, the subject was brought up again. At first, I wanted to tell her that I couldn't do it...but then, I told her that I was a little bit curious. Her eyes lit up! She asked me if I wanted to talk about it. I told her that I was shy about it, and that I wasn't sure if it would be right to act on it, without my husband knowing...and that...I was also too scared to tell him. I wasn't sure what he'd think! She then moved over to the couch where I was sitting. She looked into my eyes without touching me or saying a thing. I knew that I wanted her. I wanted her bad. I think she could see it in my eyes. She lightly brought her hand up to touch my face. I closed my eyes, feeling her caress my cheek. I didn't have to say anything to her. She knew that I was now willing. She then leaned over to my ear and whispered, "Are you sure?" I could feel her breath on my ear. I wanted to say yes, but I could only nod... and she kissed my ear. She then moved even closer to me, gently pulling my body towards hers. I felt her warm lips caress mine, and I kissed her back. I could feel the heat of her flow through me, as we kissed. I reached for her and she signaled for me to relax. She pulled back and started unbuttoning my blouse. I watched her as she slowly unbuttoned my shirt. She noticed that I wasn't wearing a bra and smiled up at me. I never looked at her this way...and her face was beautiful. She had soft light skin and long wavy blond hair. Her eyes were a lovely shade of hazel, and she had long graceful eyelashes. Her lips were full, but not overdone. She pushed back my shirt and leaned towards me to kiss my breast. My breast tingled at the touch of her lips. She kissed it again and then kissed the other. She again looked up into my eyes. Her look was seductive and sensual, her hazel eyes catching mine. She then circled my nipple with her tongue. I could feel her hot, moist breath on my skin as she caressed my nipple with her tongue and mouth. She took my nipple into her mouth and sucked it hungrily. My body was responding. I could feel the moisture welling up between my legs. She came up to kiss my lips again and then stood up before me. She slowly pulled her shirt up over her head and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts were of medium to small in size, but very round and shapely. They looked almost perfect for the build of her body. She was thin with a nice curve to her body. Her skin was light and soft looking. She then unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down to the floor, revealing her fully to me. Her waist was delicate and her hips were gracefully in per portion to the rest of her body. Her hair tumbled over her shoulders and touched the top of her breast. She looked like a goddess to me, with her graceful curves and glowing skin. She signaled for me to come lay on the floor, so I did. She then motioned for me not to do anything. "I wanted to show you how good it is", she said. She leaned over me, breasts hanging over my belly, facing me. She kissed one of my breasts again and drew her tongue down my ribs to my navel. She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, kissing my navel with her lips and tongue. She gripped the top of my pants and slid them off of my body. Now I was naked before her. I was nervous, but I was anxious about what was about to happen. I could only imagine what it was going to be like. If only my husband knew what I was up to! She then parted my legs with her hands. She kissed my stomach and licked around my waist. She caressed the inside of my thighs with her fingertips, while her nipples slid across my thighs. I was hot and wet. I had never been so excited. Not even with my husband! Maybe because it was so forbidden and daring. She then slid her tongue over the top of my pubic hair and slowly towards the inside of my thighs. Her lips were hot and wet. I could feel her breath on my thighs. Then...she lightly kissed me where I was wet. She paused for a moment...then I could feel her tongue circling the outer rim of my pussy. I flinched and sighed in delight. My body arched and I felt my vaginal muscles lightly spasm. She proceeded to lick me lightly, teasing me with tickles of ecstasy. Then I felt her suck my clit and nibble me with her teeth. My legs twitched, as she sucked and slid her tongue inside of me. She then slid her finger in me a sucked on my clit at the same time, flicking her tongue in a way that made me twitch and real in delight. She twisted inside of me as I panted and moaned. My legs tightened and I could feel my insides begin to spasm. My inner wells came together over and over again, as I began to softly scream in with ecstasy. The orgasm came over and over as she burrowed her head into me, tongue flittering inside me. She braced me with her arms, around my thighs, bringing her fingers around to open me up for the taking. I couldn't take it anymore and I screamed and panted for her to stop...but she wouldn't. She held me down as I scooted myself across the floor. She then put one hand across my belly and thrust three of her fingers deep inside of me, pumping me, and licking me as I dripped with wetness. She sucked it up my sweet juices, as I wiggled beneath her grip. She stopped for a moment, only to turn herself around to sit over my face. Again she nuzzled into my muff, licking it with desire. I tried to contain myself enough, to sit still to view what was presented before me. Her pussy was just inches from my face. I had never done this before, but I had fantasized about it. It smelled sweet and was wet with excitement. She had shaved all of her hair off so that she was bare. I was curious for a taste. I put my hands on her buttocks and brought her closer. I took a light taste with my was good, and she was soft. I licked her again, taking more of her in. I circled the rim of her with my tongue and kissed her pink lips. She moaned and I could feel her sigh breathe across my wetness. I shuttered at her touch, and she kissed my wetness again. "Yes," she whispered, "That is how you do it. Keep doing it. Lick me like I'm licking you." I did. I spun my tongue around her, pressing my lips to her. I burrowed my head into her, taking in her sweet juices. I nibbled her lips and flittered my tongue across her. She panted and moved her body gracefully over me, like a velvet snake. She grabbed my breasts and sucked on my nipple as and licked her with vigor. We were both panting and purring, like female cats in heat. I put my finger inside of her and moved it within her. She screamed with delight, pressing herself into my hand and over my face. I removed my fingers and ate her again, as she planted herself firmly over my face. I almost couldn't breathe, but I didn't care. She tasted so sweet and her lips were so soft. All I wanted to do was devoir her and please her. I could feel the muscles begin to spasm as she writhed to pleasure. Her wetness poured out, sweet and sticky. She rubbed into my face, sliding back and forth over my tongue. Suddenly she stopped and turned herself around to face me. She passionately kissed my lips and pinched my breasts together as she gyrated her pussy over my leg. I took one of her breasts into my mouth and sucked it, then licking my way to the other one. Her hand pawed at my pussy, occasionally dipping her fingers deep into me, causing me to flutter. I came again and again, until finally we both collapsed breathless and quivering. We laid there next to each other panting. I gazed over at her. She smiled back. I couldn't believe what we had just done. I could still feel my vaginal muscles spasming together, as we laid there. I didn't know that being with a woman would be so good. How would I explain this to my husband...or would I? She propped herself up on one elbow and put her hand out to spin her finger lightly around one of my nipples. "I told you it would be great. I could tell that you loved it. You were so hot." And she was right. It was great. I knew that I would do this again. View more hot and steamy stories here.

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    "Why am I even here?", Kelly wondered as she walked into the Halloween party. It looked pretty boring but she couldn't leave. She had already told the hostess, her coworker Samantha, that she would spend the night. Samantha knew Kelly loved to drink, and definitely should not be on the road later tonight. Plus, Kelly's costume was a hit! She not only looked like a man, she looked like a good looking man. Her suit was complete down to the suspenders and her makeup artist pal added a very convincing beard. People were shocked by how different Kelly looked from her normal sexy self. Between her tight little body and adorably innocent face, she drove all the men wild at her work on a daily basis. So far none of them had been successful in fucking her, but they all longed for it every day. At least Kelly's friend Ann was there. They always had a blast together, especially when there was plenty of alcohol. Both coworkers and best friends, Kelly and Ann were practically inseparable. Something was different tonight though. Ann was dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, with her long brown hair in pigtails. She had on a short button-down white shirt, tied in a knot in the front, exposing her flat tan stomach. It was unbuttoned almost all the way down, with her black lacy bra exposed and her cleavage looked positively delicious. Her short plaid skirt almost showed her little round ass. Her thigh-high white stockings and sexy heels were the cherries on top. Kelly had never thought of Ann in a naughty way before, though of course, she realized how beautiful she is. Anybody could see that Ann was a perfect 10. While Kelly was blond-haired blue-eyed beauty, Ann was more exotic with dark eyes and golden brown skin. She certainly looked good enough to eat tonight. The party was pretty lame alright, but Ann and Kelly hardly noticed. The shots never stopped, and before long they were totally smashed. The more Kelly stared at the top of Ann's pretty little titties, the hornier she found herself. She yawned and stretched until Samantha took them to the room they would sleep in. It wasn't unusual for the girls to pass out together, it had always been totally innocent. They crashed on the bed in their costumes, it seemed like a lot of trouble to take them off. As she started to doze off, thinking about Ann's hot body, she felt her friend moving closer in the bed. She thought she may be imagining things because she was totally drunk. However, when she felt Ann's lips on hers, she knew it was real. Before she knew it, Ann had her tongue all the way down her throat. Her pussy instantly wet and throbbing, Kelly decided to take charge. After all, she was the man. She grabbed Ann's chin and kissed her hard and deep. Her hand couldn't resist the beautiful breasts she had been staring at all night. She unsnapped Ann's bra and looked at her lovely chest. Ann's tits weren't large but they were a perfect handful, as Kelly soon found out. With the perky little nipples and perfect shape, Kelly was in love. She sucked one of Ann's nipples while working the other over with her fingers. Ann was moaning already and Kelly could tell this was going to be fun. She remembered that Sam and her husband were swingers and proud of it. Sam often talked about the variety of toys they kept in the spare bedroom for when their special friends came over. Ann looked in the closet and found just what she was looking for, a strap-on dick still in the plastic wrapper. She told Ann she would be right back and went to the bathroom, despite Ann's whines and moans that she wanted to fuck. Kelly put the strap-on underneath the suit pants of her costume. Once back in the room, she took total charge. She was totally involved in the characters they were playing. She was the dirty man taking the innocent little sex kitten. She got on top of Ann and kissed her long and deep, grinding her new dick into Ann's pussy through her clothes. Ann shrieked with delight when she realized what Kelly had in mind. She rubbed the hard cock through the pants just as though it were real. Kelly sat up and next to Ann, ripping off her little black shirt. Of course, she had to suck on those nice little tits some more, while her hand caressed Ann's thigh. As her fingers moved up her leg, Ann was moaning and shaking in anticipation. When Kelly's hands reached Ann's little black lace thong she couldn't believe how wet her friend was. Her pretty shaved pussy was soaking. Ann started to take off her skirt and Kelly stopped her. She slipped the little thong down Ann's legs, leaving the thigh highs and heels on. Before Ann knew what hit her, Kelly's head was under her skirt. Kelly had never tasted pussy juice before and she loved it. She knew just how to gently flick Ann's clit while rubbing the outside of her pussy lips with her fingertips. She waited until Ann was begging for it, then let her finger slip inside her tight little pussy. Though Kelly had very small hands, she fingerfucked Ann just as hard as she could. Ann was bucking against her finger, moaning and groaning until she finally came. Kelly decided Ann needed a good fucking from her new hard cock. She turned Ann over on her stomach so she could she her tits in the giant mirror on the wall behind the bed. She whipped her dick out and rubbed it up and down Ann's pussy. Finally, she slowly stuck her cock in her friend's cunt. Kelly could see Ann's expression of ecstasy in the mirror and fucked her nice and hard. The sight of Ann's tits bouncing up and down was absolutely scrumptious. When Kelly tired of fucking her BFF doggy style, she turned her over on her back. They both watched as Kelly stuck the plastic cock all the way inside Ann's pussy. Kelly pumped harder and harder while playing with her buddies rock hard nipples until she could feel Ann cumming again. Kelly took out her member and went between Ann's legs to lick every last drop of her friend's delicious cum. Then she rubbed her fingers over Ann's soaking pussy to get them nice and wet. She ran her fingers around and around Ann's tight little virgin asshole. Ann made it clear with her moans that she was ready to be ass fucked. Kelly slowly slid the cock in, stretching Ann's ass very gently. It must have felt great because her friend pushed her asshole into the dildo...taking the whole thing!! Kelly then slammed the cock into Ann's twat again, until the slutty little school girl came over and over again, screaming Kelly's name. "Now it's your turn," Ann stated matter of factly. "Take off that costume and make yourself look like the sexy bitch I want to fuck every day." Kelly was shocked to hear this, she didn't think Ann was having those kinds of thoughts. It turned her on more than she ever could have imagined. She wasn't moving fast enough for her horny friend, so Ann ripped her suit off for her. Then she slipped off her own outfit, growing tired of her skirt and stockings. Kelly regretted that she hadn't fucked Ann like this, with her totally naked. Her body really was a work of art. Hopefully, she'd have the chance.. Ann took the strap-on off Kelly and put it on herself. She sucked Kelly's large tits, thoroughly enjoying her little pink nipples. Kelly's breasts were unusually large for a girl of her small frame, and they were natural. Suddenly, Ann had an idea. She moved up until she was had the cock nestled between Kelly's mounds. She fucked the shit out of her tits while watching it all in the mirror. Next, Ann got on her back. "Get on this dick and ride me...NOW!" Kelly certainly wasn't going to argue. She mounted her friend and centered herself over the dick. Her pussy was so wet she had no problem getting the large member inside. She rode her friend like a bull, hanging on for dear life. She fucked so hard it was a little bit painful but felt so good. She bounced frantically, then sat and rolled her hips round and round. After she came, Ann grabbed her waist and gently pushed her off the fake cock. She pushed Kelly's head down to the strap-on so she could taste her own pussy juice. After it was all clean, they cuddled together naked. They both fell asleep, totally exhausted and satisfied. View more hot and steamy stories here.

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    Their lesbian 69 lets each of them put their fingers, lips, and tongues to work. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here.

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    I'm not a lesbian!" You don't have to be a lesbian to wonder! I wonder. I wanna know!" She wasn't a lesbian, but the thought of someone putting their tongue on her private parts was tantalizing