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    Nier Automats Cronicles Videos from the game like you've never seen her before.

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    Skyrim - Gaming - Nude and Naked - Sex Videos Skyrim is an open-world action role-playing video game

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    Lesbian Fisting Action - Naked and Nude - Galleries and Article How to fist your lesbian lover. Fisting is my number one favorite penetrative queer lesbian sex move. Fisting is AWESOME. Fisting is what happens when you’re fucking with your hands and everything is getting wetter and wetter and four fingers aren’t enough so you add a fifth and it feels for a second like maybe your whole hand is about to be inside of a person, or like her whole hand is about to be inside of you, and then it is. Because it has the word “fist” in it, fisting sounds violent, but it’s not. (You’re not even making a fist with your hand; it’s more of a duck-shadow-puppet shape.) Like any other part of lesbian sex, fisting can be gentler or rougher or kinky or vanilla or whatever you want it to be — but it’s definitely going to be intense. Putting your whole hand inside of someone, or having her whole hand inside of you, is a physically and emotionally wild experience and a fuckton of fun. Here’s how to do it Like any lesbian sex act, fisting requires some conversation before you dive in. Discuss it in advance when you’re not about to try to have sex, check-in during sex before you try it, and keep communicating with each other while you do it. Talking during sex is hot, and talking about what you’re doing during sex makes sex hotter. It seems dorky, but if you have trouble speaking during sex, practice saying “that feels good,” “a little slower,” “can I have more lube?,” “more fingers please,” “oh my god you’re fisting me” and similar phrases in advance alone so they don’t feel as weird coming out of your mouth with a partner. Fisting is lesbian hand sex at its most intense, so it makes sense for you to prepare. Trim your nails the day before and smooth the edges. If you wear femme claws, glitter polish, or shellac or gels that are anything less than fresh and perfect, plan to wear gloves. Tuck cotton balls in the tips of each finger if your nails are really long or are filed to sharp points. If you have short, glitter-free nails and you and your fisting partner are fluid-bonded, think about wearing gloves anyway — they’re cleaner than your hands, slipperier when wet, and make cleanup after sex super easy. You’ll also need lube. Lots of lube. The best lubes for fisting are thick and don’t contain any irritating ingredients like glycerin or scents and flavors. Generally, silicone lubes are thicker and longer-lasting than water-based lubes. Fisting starts off like regular lesbian hand sex, so begin by doing whatever you’d usually do to get ready for regular lesbian hand sex. Start with your usual foreplay — making out, grinding, spanking, whatever. When you’re both ready, move to external vulva touches. Spread your fingers like scissors and move them on either side of her clit, or cup her whole vulva with your gloved hand. As she responds by squirming towards or grinding against you, you can respond with firmer pressure or more direct clit touches. Hang out here, building arousal, until you’re both ready to fingerbang. If you’re hoping to get fisted, ask for penetration — try something like “can you please fuck me with your fingers” or “can I have your fingers inside me now” or whatever feels right. If you’re hoping to fist, ask whether your partner is ready for penetration — try something like “can I put my fingers inside you now?” or “I want to fuck you with my fingers” or whatever feels right — and get a nod or a verbal yes before moving forward. When you’re both ready, lube up and press the pads of one or two fingers against her vaginal opening. Use pressure to slide inside. Start by moving slowly and then move a little faster, paying attention to your partner’s body and responses. Build. Keep adding more fingers and lube until you have four fingers inside of her. Getting to the point where fisting is a possibility, and then actually fisting can take some time. If you’re the fister, position yourself so your wrist and forearm are aligned, so you don’t get super tired or crampy. You can use your free hand to support your fisting hand by gripping your own wrist. You can also be still for a moment and ask your partner to move for you — try saying “show me how much you want my fingers” or “I want you to fuck my fingers.” If you’re the fistee, a word I just made up, ask for more lube whenever you want or need it. Give yourself permission to stay relaxed and present. Remember that fisting can feel like being stretched or filled, and that can feel pretty intense, but it’s not supposed to hurt. If it does, ask your partner to go slower, be still for a moment, use fewer fingers, use more lube, or try a different angle. Using your own fingers or vibrator on your clit can also help you stay relaxed and turned on and focused on your own pleasure instead of on “I am going to fucking get fisted right fucking now.” In my experience, being focused on getting fisted makes getting fisted way harder. The best part of lesbian sex is that it’s not linear, so there’s no reason fisting has to be. You can start to build towards it, stop, use a dildo, add some oral, get some water, try a few more fingers, come a few times, and work towards fisting again. Add more lube, and start to work on your thumb. From this point forward, your hand should be shaped like a shadow puppet duck or like you’re reaching into a can of Pringles, depending on which metaphor you’re more into. This might be as far as you get, and that’s okay! Even if you’ve fisted or been fisted a hundred times, there’s no guarantee that it’ll happen this time. Stay connected, relaxed, and present with your partner, and keep the focus on creating a pleasurable experience. If fisting is about to happen, there’ll be a moment where your knuckles press against the edge of your partner’s vaginal opening and you’re “almost fisting,” and then there’ll be a moment where she sort of opens up and sucks you in and you’re “holy shit, fisting.” Once you’re in, make very, very, very small motions. In fisting, every movement is heightened. You can try to find her g-spot by curling your fingers up towards her stomach. You can try twisting your fist from side to side, thrusting (gently!), or opening or closing your fingers. Some fistees like a lot of movement, some like very little, and some like none. If your partner starts to orgasm, move with her — her vagina might be vacuum-sealed around your hand and wrist, which have a lot of tiny, breakable bones in them, and moving against her might risk them. If you start to orgasm from fisting her — yes, this can happen — try to stay aware enough to keep your bodies aligned. View more hot lesbian action with the hottest Babes of Passion here. When it’s time to stop fisting, relax your fist inside of your partner and slowly remove it. If you feel stuck, slip one of your free fingers down your fisting wrist to break the seal. Remember, lesbian sex isn’t linear and neither is fisting. If you’re done having sex when you’re done fisting, that’s awesome. If you need to get some water and then come ten times with a Magic Wand, that’s awesome. If you need to take a nap, that’s awesome.

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    Lesbian Fisting Action - Naked and Nude - Galleries, Videos, and Article Vaginal fisting - the intimate

  • The Best of Lara Croft Sex Videos

    Lara Croft Gaming Babe - Naked and Nude - Videos, Gallery and Article Lara Croft became known as the Lara Croft has become a sex symbol for video games, despite Toby Gard's intentions for her to be sexy Time magazine's Kristina Dell considered her the first sex symbol of video games. Schedeen stated that Croft is among the first video game icons to be accepted as a mainstream sex symbol

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    Lesbian Twin Action - Naked and Nude - Galleries, Videos, and Article There is no real explanation as

  • Hot Asian Ladyboy Videos

    When looking for an exotic vacation, one of the countries that come to mind most often in Thailand. This Asian country has a lot to offer for its guests: its abundance of magnificent temples with gigantic statues of the Buddha, the natural resources available for everyone to explore, their jaw-dropping beaches, famous cuisine and street food, and its reputation as a shopping haven for bargain lovers, among so many others. But just like any other country, Thailand also has a side that others might consider seedy. Researching or reading about the country, there’s a huge chance you might encounter the word “kathoey”, which they use to refer to transgenders, better known as “ladyboys”. Thailand’s ladyboys are actually famous all over the world and many travelers go to Thailand specifically to meet them. Ladyboys have been around in Thailand for a long time and it’s quite a bit surprising that they continue to be so prevalent, despite the negative stigma associated with them. In fact, they are actually considered as part of the Thai culture. There are so many reasons why ladyboys continue to thrive, and here are some of them: Thailand is much more open and accepting when it comes to matters involving LGBTs. Unlike other countries, those belonging to the LGBT community in Thailand experience so much freedom because their society is much more tolerant. This is in contrast to Muslim countries where being a member of the third sex is a punishable offense, being one in Thailand doesn’t matter at all. Because they are free to express themselves, they are much more visible to everyone else, or as they say, they are “out and proud”. Of course, there are still a few locals who frown upon the LGBTs but they are mostly confined to the rural areas. Gender reassignment surgeries and other similar procedures are rampant in Thailand. As well as holiday tourism, Thailand is also known for its medical tourism, particularly those that revolve around gender reassignment. Thai people have easy access to these procedures so many Thai trans-men choose to undergo them and become full ladyboys instead of just dressing up as women. Accessibility and a relatively low cost make it easy for men to become ladyboys so many take advantage of this. Buddhists believe that ladyboys become so as a result of sins committed in their past lives. Different religions have different views when it comes to matters involving homosexuality. Fortunately for the ladyboys, Buddhism, the dominant religion in Thailand, does not really frown upon them. They are considered the “third sex” in Buddhism and that they become so not out of choice, but because of past transgressions. This means that they have this belief that ladyboys should be pitied because it was not their conscious will to be ladyboys but they became so due to karma. Ladyboys have become a tourist draw for Thailand. Many foreigners see ladyboys as something exotic and through sheer curiosity, they travel to Thailand to see for themselves what the fuss is about. Some of them seek ladyboys to get to know more about them and their characteristics and eventually make connections with them, some conduct studies and other research activities about them, and of course, there are some who seek ladyboys for other purposes. Demand for encounters with ladyboys is still high. Prostitution is tolerated in Thailand and it is an open secret that many foreigners travel to Thailand just to have sexual encounters with the locals, especially the famous ladyboys. The demand for such encounters has no signs of letting up, so many ladyboys make a career as prostitutes. Being a prostitute is mostly seen to be a job worthy of being pitied instead of something to be frowned upon so locals are tolerant of them and this is one of the main reasons why the trade continues to flourish in Thailand. Their careers revolve around their identities as ladyboys. Many of these ladyboys make a living out of being ladyboys. However, it should be noted that not all ladyboys are prostitutes; many ladyboys actually have other careers. In fact, Thailand has some famous artists and even politicians who are ladyboys themselves. There are also establishments that are focused on providing entertainment to guests that are ladyboy-oriented. In fact, cabaret shows involving ladyboys are such a big hit in tourist areas that some even require guests to book in advance. Being a ladyboy is indirectly promoted. Ladyboys are so prevalent that it's not a surprise that there are contests and competitions involving them. The beauty contest involving ladyboys, known as the Miss Tiffany’s Universe, is so famous that many ladyboys aspire to win the crown someday. In fact, the competition is broadcast live on national TV and everyone can watch it. Aside from the beauty pageant, the boxing competitions involving ladyboys are also a crowd-drawer, to the extent that an award-winning film about a ladyboy boxer was produced and gained recognition in various international festivals. These points demonstrate how an outsider’s point of view is vastly different from that of the locals when ladyboys are involved. Many have this idea that ladyboys are merely sex workers and have a negative stereotype and while the former may be true, the latter is definitely far from reality. Ladyboys are no different from any other person; they just choose to live their lives the way they see fit by openly defying gender stereotypes. Fortunately for them, Thailand is accepting of them. View more of our unlisted galleries here. Featuring the weird, strange, and WTF.

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    Guide on how to make video chat sex hotter? - Sex and Relationship - Galleries, Videos, and Articles Whether you do it on Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or another platform, video chat sex is romantic because just the act of showing up for it shows that Video chat sex sessions aren’t as nourishing as real life, in-the-flesh sex. You could take a bath in the hours leading up to your video chat sex session.

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  • Alien Xenomorph Experiment

    Even if it's not told I see that this video is a parody of old movie series called Alien. This video is something similar to the previous video from this author (S&V Productions) - Damnation. The author says that this is a combination of two videos - two parts of Damnation (2nd and 3rd).

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    Dani Jensen - Porn Star Babe - Naked and Nude - Galleries, Videos, and Biography Redhead knockout Dani features at age 21 in 2008; she has worked for such major companies as Hustler, Adam and Eve, Jules Jordan Video Some of Dani’s earliest porn productions include the Sticky Video DVD title Facial Cum Catchers 4 (2008 famous porn companies such as Hustler, Adam and Eve, Naughty America, New Sensations, Jules Jordan Video View Porn Stars exposed with Bio, Galleries, and Videos Here.

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    In 2005 she filmed her first adult video featuring hardcore sex and she has been active in the business Over the course of her career, Beltran received multiple high industry award nominations from Adult Video View more Porn Star Yuri Luv here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos. View more Porn Star Yuri Luv here all naked and nude 2 with galleries, biographies, and videos. View more Porn Star Babes Exposed here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos.

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    Jenna Haze - Porn Star Babe - Naked and Nude - Galleries, Videos, and Biography One of the biggest names front of the camera, she has worked with companies like New Sensations, Jill Kelly Productions, Hustler Video , Jules Jordan Video, Vivid, and Digital Playground doing everything from solos to hardcore anal and

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    On September 6th, 2018, she posted a video on Twitter and other social media explaining that she no longer She's back shooting and also doing custom videos and direct fan chats as well, and honestly, she looks View more Dakota Skye Pornstar Nude with galleries, biographies, and videos. View more DAKOTA SKYE Petite Lesbian with galleries, biographies, and videos. View more Porn Star Babes Exposed here all naked and nude with galleries, biographies, and videos.

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