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The modern Indian woman not only has a free spirit and mind but she also wants to exercise her choice of how she wants to be treated sexually.

She does not want to rush into the act. Set the mood right. Dimly-lit bedroom, fresh sheets, perhaps a massage bed on the side, fresh flowers, soft music, chilled champagne in stem glasses. Ideally, an empty house with the doorbell disarmed and all gadgets switched off.

She’d like him to take off her bathrobe and let us stand tall in lacy black lingerie while he admires her curves, twirls her around, and kisses her out of deep possession and admiration, before he moves her to the massage table, lays her down and massages her with warm, aromatic oil, one thing leading to another. Ah, oral foreplay for the maximum pleasure of both. Then relaxing in each other’s arms, sipping on champagne, and listening to the music while caressing each other. And then Act 2.


The modern Indian woman wants the full eight-course meal! From mind games to wooing to knowing what an orgasm feels like! Anyone who thinks a woman’s G spot is down there has a thing coming:

What women want in bed, irrespective of era and race is to explore. Different positions (maybe how some Kama Sutra postures really work!). Kinky stuff (BDSM), role-playing. Enticing, alluring foreplay. Threesomes. Sex at different places in different situations. Accompanied by a variety of drinks and music (strawberries, cream, and champagne can’t be fun every time!).

The best is sex in an open marriage/relationship; enjoying other partners without hesitation. Still, she’d adore a partner who, after all the action, walks her to her car and messages saying he had a great time. “Women want to be able to say ‘yes’ or ‘No’ and mean it”