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Women who dye their hair blonde feel more confident, less inhibited, and more sexually excited, according to psychologists from Nottingham Trent University. 

Yet a different study found brunettes are more likely to be in long-term relationships and earn, on average, £4,250 more a year.

Of those analyzed, 20 percent of brunettes had been in five or more relationships compared to only 13 percent of blondes. 

Evolutionary psychologist Catherine Salmon, who has studied the link between hair color and behavior, from the University of Redlands, California, told The Sun: 'Women who go blonde quickly get used to the privileges of blondeness - usually male attentiveness.

'They are more confident in their abilities, although the results do not necessarily support their confidence. 

'Maybe responding to their own stereotypes, brunettes tend to work harder and expect less special treatment.'

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