Reasons Why Men Are So Into Redheads

Are we just being paranoid, or do men genuinely have a weird fascination with redheads? We compiled a list of reasons why men seem to be infatuated so much with our ruby sisters.


Red represents danger

Not even kidding, a man legit explained that he gets the thrill of danger when he’s around a redhead and he can’t get enough of the rush it comes with. We get it though, everything that has a danger sign on it is red and humans are naively curious and the thrill of danger attracts us more than anything else.

Attracted to the genetic rarity

In our previous article, we talked about how the universe makes only so few redheads and this makes them stand out. Some men are attracted to this rarity. Think of it this way, Diamonds are pretty and shiny but red and black diamonds come in at such high demand because of how rare they occur. The same logic applies to our men’s brains when they see a redhead woman.

Their fair skin

We could write an entire book about how deeply men are attracted to a redhead’s alabaster skin and the sprinkle of freckles on their skin that you could probably use to pan out a constellation. Fair skin has been an attraction to males since, well, since the inception of the male species and they can honestly just be wholly engrossed with trying to match those freckles.

Redheads are known to be snobbish

This was a very weird reason but it makes sense. We are most attracted to the things we can’t have and for most men, dating a redhead is a dream that is constantly slipping out of their fingers. Literally, because a man can go out with a redhead but she most likely will end it soon after that. Men have admitted that they have tried to get with redheads and their efforts were barely acknowledged. They will spend time with you and then leave you on the cold hard ground.

Hot sex anyone?

We talked about how redheads get the most sex but men claim that sex from a redhead makes them little fools with only one agenda afterward. The sex is evolutionary, something to savor, and had me sweating for days after, just thinking about it. 


They’ve got quite a temperament

There’s the stereotype associated with color and redheads have temperaments as intense as their hair color. Most men find this very, very attractive and when a redhead goes off on them, all the blood rushes to one particular boneless part of their body below their waists.

They are just so freaking sexy

Redheads provide the ultimate fetish for men. For a man to run his fingers through those licorice red locks is a dream come true and let’s just face it, there’s something distractingly sexy about redhead women. The ones I’ve come across anyway have this rich luxurious red hair, a body that screams sex, and a temperament that begs to tame. I’m woman enough to admit that these females are sexy as hell.

They have a quick wit

If you are like me and you are obsessed with Suits, and Donna to be specific then you know what I mean when I say that redheads have such a quick wit. Donna knows everything, she sees everything, and most importantly, she knows what you want before you even know it yourself. No wonder Harvey’s life goes into shambles when she’s not around. A redhead’s personality is something attractive and the fact she can keep a man on his toes is something that has so many men following her around like a love-sick puppy.

They are a combo of fun and killer

If you want to have fun with a redhead, then you should know there is no stopping for this crimson bombshell. She can go up into the morning with no signs of slowing down and then some. On the flip side, if she doesn’t like you, or something you said, she won’t hold her tongue and she might break a few bones in your body while she’s giving you the tongue-lashing of a lifetime.


These personality changes make women with ginger locks hard to anticipate, their mood might change at any given moment and anything could trigger this change, and the men who like this find it entertaining sometimes.

They are loyal

It’s difficult to get a redhead on your side sure but once you do, her loyalties will always be to you and no amount of scary stuff will make her leave. Redheads have developed a thick skin because of all the discrimination they go through and this makes it hard for them to allow anyone in their lives but once they do, they are loyal to a T and you know that no matter what, you can always count on them.

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