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Updated: May 18

View the best of Asian babe Megumi Shino pornstar with videos, Biography, and Galleries from Babes of Passion. Megumi Shino is a Japanese pornstar that is proving that not all JAV pornstars must dress up as schoolgirls if they are going to make it in the big bad world of porn! In fact, you can be one petite bag of filth in the porn world and get a crapload of attention just like Megumi Shino. Megumi probably has one of the most petite bodies in all of the Japanese porn nowadays. Most JAV pornstars now have really big tits and massive asses too, so they look a bit more Western and so us lads will watch more of their porn videos.

However, Megumi looks like a very typical, petite, and sexy Japanese pornstar. She is really small but has some very lovely, natural, and perky tits. She also has a killer ass too. It is still on the small side compared to some Japanese pornstars, but god damn, it is incredible!

Megumi Shino doesn’t really do much “teen” porn. She stars in some fantastic porn scenes, though. Many of Megumi’s porn scenes see her dressed really classy and sexy and she loves to wear lingerie. However, there isn’t a schoolgirl outfit insight. Instead, you have a very young-looking lady enjoying sex! I say enjoying because, in most of Megumi’s porn scenes, she is doing precisely that. Do you know how most girls in Japanese porn sound like drowning rats? Megumi doesn’t really. She knows what she wants, and that is a stiff dick inside her, and she is going after it.

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Megumi Shino represents a change in Japanese porn. A change that has been needed in this porn world for a long time! Instead of moaning like a pack of rats in a well, she is enjoying sex and looking damn fine as she does it. Instead of being thrown into a schoolgirl outfit and being made to look incredibly young, she gets to look her age and bone with style. If you aren’t a fan of Japanese porn because of all the stereotypes, check out Megumi Shino, you’ll bloody love her!

Megumi Shino

Country - Japan

Birthday - 05 September 1990

Sign - Virgo

Ethnicity - Asian

Eye - Brown

Hair - Brown

Height - 5'7''

Weight - 103 lbs

Cup - A

Measurements - 31A-23-30

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