How Guys Feel When Losing Virginities

So you are ready to ‘lose it’. No, not in the sense of going crazy, but in the sense of losing your virginity! Whether you want to hold on to your virginity or plan on losing it at some point in time, it is always beneficial to be knowledgeable and informed about the ways you can safely and properly lose your virginity!

Losing your virginity is a big deal for some people. Not just the idea that they want to lose it at the right time, but even the idea that they need to lose it in the first place. "Virgin" itself can even be an insult (although it really shouldn't be).

Guys especially love to play up how much sex they’re having, or just how early they lost their v-card. But when exactly are guys really losing their virginity? We asked these eight guys to tell us the truth.

1. “I lost my virginity on my fifteenth birthday. I think I was pretty early, at least among my group of friends. I had a few friends at that age who had claimed they had also lost their virginity, but no one really believed them. I think because I had a long-term girlfriend, they believed me and there was a sense of legitimacy.”— Todd, 28

2. “I told everyone I lost it when I was 17, or I would avoid the subject entirely. But I was a late bloomer and didn’t really lose it until I was 20 and in college. I think I wasn’t confident or just got in my own head too much to get there. None of my relationships with women had really lasted long enough to have sex at that point.” — Jack, 26

3. “I lost my virginity around the same time as a lot of my friends, I think, when I was 17. The way I remember it, everything got really serious after everyone in my friend group started to get their licenses. If we could drive, we all thought we were adults already, right? So we were serious, our relationships were serious, all of it. I also literally wound up losing my virginity in my car.”— Michael, 26

4. “Prom. Well, after prom. I didn’t literally lose it at prom. But we all went to my friend’s dad’s cabin after prom and that’s when I lost it with my girlfriend. It was all very cliche.”— Greg, 27

5. “I wish I could say I had an interesting story, but I lost it when I was 18. It was my senior year of high school, and I lost it to someone that we had a very flirtatious relationship with for what felt like years but in high school, time was only a year. We hooked up one night and then dated for a while, and that was that.”— Kevin, 28

6. “It wasn’t until college. I grappled a lot with my sexuality and understanding of my sexuality during my teens and even to some extent when I got to college. I wasn't very comfortable with myself, and I wasn’t really admitting I was gay. It took a long time to admit I wasn’t attracted to women and then a long time to admit I was attracted to men. So I didn’t lose it until my junior year. Part of me wishes I could go back in time and shake myself and tell myself to hurry it up, but I can’t change that. I learned to accept myself and that’s what’s important.”— Andrew, 27

7. “I lost it at 17, but I was young for my grade so it was my senior year of high school. It was to a family friend I had a crush on for the longest time. The weird thing about it all was I didn’t really tell anyone about it. I felt like they’d think I was lying, you know? Like, how people would be like ‘I have a girlfriend but she just goes to another school so you don't know her.' Instead, I just kept it to myself. ”— Kyle, 27 8. “I was 19 and it was a little later than some of my friends, for sure. I wasn’t popular in high school, honestly. I just didn’t have a lot of luck with the ladies and so… not much happened for me, then. I think I was still really reserved when I got to college. It took me a while to come out of my shell.”— Marc, 28

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Why You Should Consider Losing Your Virginity. At A Brothel

Properly losing it is definitely a focus for providers like myself who specialize in real intimacy! Whether it is someone’s first time at a brothel, first time having sex, or simply both of those situations, I understand that it can be totally nerve-wracking. Here at the Ranch, our goal is to ensure that any client who gets receives our virgin-experience services is at ease and is able to learn intimacy and sex skills that they can build upon.

The main question that many ask is why ‘lose it’ at a brothel? Because that is what we do, it’s our trade! Just like when you want to take care of your mental health you obtain services from a therapist, you obtain services from a legal sex worker when you need sexual services. If you go to a brothel, you get the ability to lose your virginity to someone who can provide hands-on guidance and genuine feedback. Your legal sex worker will be patient and provide you with tips as you go along. Not only that, you will be able to get the educational side of sex by being able to ask questions that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to ask a typical first-time partner.

Asking questions will allow you to learn and get more confidence for your next encounter! The questions you can ask are not just limited to sex. They can be questions about dating, flirting, how to surprise a girl and more! The common misconception here is that legal sex workers will just agree with you or say what you want to hear because you are paying for their services. However, I provide honest answers to ensure I truly give you not just a pleasurable experience but also a learning experience. There are many types of virgin experiences that I offer, it all really depends on what the client is comfortable with. The main types of experiences are breakfast date, extended date, dinner date, in-date, and an overnight experience.

With the breakfast date, the client and I go to a breakfast spot for a delicious breakfast. During the date we flirt, discuss what kind of women he likes, and simply find topics of conversation to talk about so we are able to make ourselves comfortable with each other. The date is then followed by the sexual experience.

In the extended-date experience, the client and I enjoy breakfast and then head out to enjoy the day together by exploring the city. We can go to museums, take a walk in the park holding hands, and find activities to do together which allow us to develop a bond based on our shared experiences.

Another type of experience is the dinner date. This is ideal if the client is looking for more passion and romance. We decide which restaurant we would like to dine at and once we arrive we start with a glass of wine and savory appetizers. The dinner date is a great opportunity for getting dressed up and looking sexy for someone! It is more formal and romantic, yet soft and intimate.

For those who may be more shy or uncomfortable going out, an in-date experience is also an option. I could bring breakfast to your place for some good breakfast in bed romance! On the other hand, we could even cook dinner together at my suite at Ranch! The Ranch even offers a Jacuzzi where we can relax under the stars in warm summer weather! Sex isn’t the only thing on the menu, everything to give you a good experience is included, from foreplay to touching and cuddling.

An overnight experience is an option that would allow the client and me to spend the whole night together. With no time frame, it really allows us to spend quality interactions together. Intercourse can happen multiple times which will allow you to build more confidence and gain more practice. In doing so, we are also able to focus on different types of skills in each sexual encounter. The night could be spent at my suite, at your hotel room, or even your home if you live in Nevada.

A multi-experience package is an option provided to those who would like to spend multiple nights together. It is also ideal for those who may live out of state and must travel to Nevada. Clients can book multiple experiences over the course of weeks or months. We are able to break up the learning into different stages where each night is a different learning experience.

This is especially beneficial and healthier for clients who may have sexual traumas, certain kinds of discomforts, or fears. Stages can be broken up into the following to help the client ease in:

  1. First, go out together and hold hands.

  2. Soft touches and deep, sensual massages.

  3. Laying naked together and cuddling.

  4. Practice kissing; exploring with hands, lips, tongue. Piecing all the movements together.

  5. Learning about HER pleasure; what pleases a woman.

  6. Learning about HIS pleasure; what pleases himself.

If you’re considering losing your virginity at a brothel, the key to gaining the most pleasurable and educational experience is to ask yourself what is it specifically that you want out of this experience. Do you just want to do it for the sake of losing your virginity? Are you looking to learn sex tips and be able to ask questions? Do you want to get over any particular fear or self-consciousness? You should address these topics in advance so that you can communicate to the legal sex worker what you are aiming to get out of your experience. In doing so, she will also be able to make recommendations and plan ahead. I usually encourage potential clients to email me and explain why they are interested in receiving the experience with me, as well as describe to me more about them and who they are as an individual. Finally, allow me to clarify some misconceptions about being a virgin.

Misconception #1: It is not cool or okay to stay a virgin. Wrong! It is totally okay and perfectly normal to be a virgin! It is evident that society has stigmatized male virginity. Society shames people for not having sexual experiences or not having it soon enough. Men tend to feel inadequate, less capable, or less of a man when they are virgins. You have no reason to feel that way! There is no right time to lose it. It simply happens at different times for different people. I’ve encountered people who are virgins all the way up until their 50’s or 60’s, which is totally fine. Remember that you have the power to decide when you are ready to lose your virginity and how. Do not allow anyone to guilt-trip you for being a virgin.

Misconception #2: Sex for the first time should be mind-blowing for everyone. Wrong! Your first time having sex is not always mind-blowing. In fact, it hardly ever is. Heck, most of us would probably want a re-do of our first time! Let’s face it, people are nervous when it is their first time. They fumble. They don’t know what to do and how to do it. That is perfectly normal! Sex is a learning experience, you get better at it over time and it takes practice. No one is born knowing how to have and give great sex!

Misconception #3: It is not sex if you do not climax or climax too fast. Wrong! If you have penetrated the partner, it is sex regardless of whether you finish fast, slow, or not at all. If you do not climax during your first time, it is normal because your body is nervous since it is doing something completely new. And if you climax too fast, that’s also normal, it simply means that your body is highly sensitive and reacting the way it should to any new experience or encounter. As you go about learning more about sex, make mental notes of things you are curious about, what you want to learn more about, what gives you pleasure, and what you may still be uncomfortable with. Remember, sex is like any other skill that takes time to learn. Be patient and understanding with yourself. Keep an open mind about learning and do not be afraid to seek resources to help yourself improve.

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